Mister Tea - your newest chill!

 Friday is been a tradition for us to have a lunch-out together, and it's been my hobby to check some coolest openings here in Makati since I moved here. One that captures my eyes is this cool and kawaii mobile store refreshment located at the ground floor of The Columns.

Mister Tea, the newest refreshment in town, which serves eight flavors of milk tea: Coffee Flavor, Classic Milk Tea, Hong Kong Milk Tea, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Wintermelon, Nagoya, and Lychee.

As most of you guys know, my eyes can easily catch by colorful things, and I find Mister Tea a cute and fabulous one. At first I've thought it is a Japanese-owned venture. But you will be surprised, that the owner of this is no other than a Filipino itself, Mr. Erik Chua.

Mister Tea, Erik Chua (brainchild) and yours truly, sipping my lychee-flavored milk tea

junace villamin getting nuts with Mister Tea

Jess sipping with his favorite flavor.. hhhmmm yum!

 ... according to Mister Tea, here's the 10 benefits you will get on drinking tea:

*Tea contains antioxidants
*Tea has less caffeine than coffee (... though I still can't live without my COFFEE)
*Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke
*Tea protects your bones
*Tea gives you a sweet smile (... hhmmm how can you guys think of this.. just spell T E A .. see you're smiling!)
*Tea bolsters your immune defenses
* Tea protects against cancer
*Tea helps keep you hydrated
* Tea is calorie-free
*Tea increases your metabolism      

Mister Tea has this coolest scrapbook-theme! Seeing this at their mobile cafe, makes me really enjoy and want MORE milk tea :)

 ... we also spotted some yuppies who also enjoys Mister Tea!

Visit now Mister Tea Mobile Cafe @ the Ground Floor of The Columns in Makati beside Faburrito Mexican Restaurant


  1. Milk tea is my cup of tea! I'll try this one out when I'm in Makati. :)

  2. Do thery have branches in the province?
    Edmar, PALAGUTOM

  3. this is really a must try! thanks

  4. I am a big fan on milk teas! Grabe lang that there are a LOT of milk tea stores and stalls sprouting everywhere.. Haha.. Would try Mister Tea when I visit Makati soon though :)

  5. Not my cup of tea. But I love to try it. Cheers!

  6. It's sad though that you got to pay 80 for a special milk tea.

    If I may share, Thai Milk Tea (Cha Nom Yen)in here is available for only 20 B and mind you it's super yummy. There's one shop near the Language Center where I regularly teach twice a week - the tea lady is just so generous with the milk she puts on every glass --- it's just so delicious.

  7. I'm not a fan of tea, but just simply because I haven't found a tea that will please my taste buds :) Will definitely try your milk tea.

  8. Hmnnn milk tea is gaining popularity in Pinas lately. Wonder how it taste like.

  9. milk tea is becoming popular these days


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