Lingerie-Clad Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton for FHM Magazine

Paris Hilton for FHM 2

Just when you thought that Kim Kardashian had claimed her throne as the queen of reality television fame, the Paris Hilton for FHM photo shoot brings Ms. Hilton back into the picture.

Shot by photographer Emir Eralp for the magazine’s February 2012 issue, the heiress and businesswoman looks better than she has in years. Discussing her entrepreneurial skills, Paris claims that her empire, which includes everything from perfume to hair extensions, has brought in more than a billion dollars in about six years.

“I’m involved in my products every step of the way,” she tells FHM. “My fragrances are doing really well at the moment. They’ve produced more than $1.3billion in revenue since 2005.”

Check out the Paris Hilton for FHM photo shoot for a peek at how great the heiress is looking.

Paris Hilton for FHM 3

Paris Hilton for FHM 4

Paris Hilton for FHM 5

Paris Hilton for FHM 7

Paris Hilton for FHM 8

Paris Hilton for FHM 9

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  1. Her FHM shots are so much better than the others. They aren't totally revealing and she isn't in a total nude. :3

  2. i agree and i also notice the difference...i was expecting more skin.

  3. Paris' magazine pictorial was nicely done. I also agree with them that a lot of people expected more skin. It is a good thing they did not let Paris pose on her birthday suit. Blog walking here. Please swing by my page too!


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