Glamour in Bronze Look by Andi Amoranto of Memory Lane

Yesterday I have posted to my Facebook account that we will have our guest blogger, who will share to us her make-up tutorials. I'm very proud to introduce to you gals, Ms. Candisse Anne Loiuse Amoranto, also known as Andi Amoranto here in blogosphere, who owns and writes at Memory Lane. She's a writer who has a love and passion playing up colors with her make-ups and brushes. She's a graduated of University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) who took the major of Journalism.

Memory Lane
The "Memory Lane" is a feature of beauty, make-up, fashion, and a flow of memory lane in the authour's everyday life. The love for make-up will be the main highlight of the blog. "Memory Lane" is not up to expensive products, the use of alternatives/dupes will always work, the author believes that one don’t need expensive cosmetics to do good canvas. :)

If you have seen some of my make-up tutorial, like The Black Swan I can honestly say that I'm not very good in combining colors. And I'm so glad that Andi here will share her knowledge (and talent) in making different make-up looks for different occasions. Im freakin' excited, hope guys you LOVE our contributions for you!

To Blair and her lovely readers,

Hope you'd enjoy the tutorial! 
Much love, Andi :)

Hmmm.. been thinking of what look to wear on a party or night event? 
Then better transform your everyday look to something classy. :)

Bronze has never been outdated on your e/s palette, it gives you that sophisticated and neutral look.. not too loud nor too bright. And personally, I've been loving this color ever since. :)

Before starting off.. I would like to give a shout out  too my fellow blogger Blair Villanueva! :D
Check her posts! As this look will be visible on her site, since I will be her guest blogger. Cheers to that! :)

Get this look with few easy steps. Yes, easy it will be! : >

EverBilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation
Fanny Serano Two-way cake in Organza
Ellana E/S Primer
Mary Kay concealer in Ivory 1

 Dollface 88 Avant Garde palette
Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express
Nichido Kohl pencil in Black
Avon Versatile brow makeup in Natural Brown

Cover Girl bronzer 

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in London

Dollface palette. The shades I used are stated in sequence, #1 is Avon in Natural Brown.

You can use your preferred shades similar to what is used. 
First, use a chocolate brown shade over the lids, this will serve as your base shade.. the color on my lids is my ever used Avon versatile brow makeup. :) 

 Next pat #2 in the inner half of your lids and below as well.

Use #3 to accentuate the crease area.. only dub a little amount on your V, cause you don't want to over power that bronze-y look. :) Then blend blend blend the edges.. #4 will serve as your highlight on your brow and same as to line the lower lash line.

 Line your eyes.. either with a black pencil or liquid liner, create a little wing at the end. Shade #3 will serve as highlight Then use black pencil on the outer part of the lower lash line, smudge a little with #3.

Last thing to do is curl those lashes, and put on mascara!

A look to enjoy the party!
Show that bronze glow on your eyes!

Hope you like the look and see you on my next post!


  1. Wow! Love how clean and well-blended this bronze eye makeup looked! :D Ms. Andi is indeed very talented when it comes to makeup. Hope I get to rock this eye look too, if I don't fail on applying it on, that is.

  2. i love how neatly it was done. i love the combo of the colors. i would try that kind of combo one of these days.

    1. yeah you must girl! Thank you Sarah for visiting

  3. She is one talented girl. How I wish I can apply makeup like this. Can I request for a brow tutorial as well? PLEASE! :) Love her brows! :)

  4. @ Morbidfrank - Sure sis, will let her know :)

  5. Thank you again for making me your guest blogger, Blaire! :)

    Much love!

  6. Yay! I love reading posts about makeup since I am learning from it.

  7. The eye make-up is very well-blended and fresh-looking but I think the eyebrows are a tad over-emphasized.

  8. Wow! Galing! Too bad I don't know how to wear makeup. :)


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