What is Integrity? Do you have this character? Or do you practice integrity in your mundane activities, in your working place, your business, your community or even to yourself?

If you may ask me what is the basis on the business success, well its not about how huge your annual profits are, and how popular you are in the market.. its about the quality of integrity you provide and give to your clients, employees, and community. Without the integrity at the helm of the company, a business is usually short-lived, no growth. In fact, when business integrity is present throught the deepest layers of a company and not just at its surface, it becomes the heart and soul of the company's culture and can mean the difference between a company that succeeds and a company that falters. 

The importance of integrity has always existed among the business community, but in recent times has been shown as falling short. It is the Internet's immeasurable impact on the global marketplace that is now making the expression of integrity, reliability and credibility extremely important. In an effort to build upon a foundation of integrity, the first requirements would be to establish excellent rapport with clients. The best and most practised method for achieving rapport is by way of relationship marketing. Relationship Marketing is founded on the single and most critical characteristics, known as 'integrity'. However, achieving true integrity with clients often leaves many an entrepreneur bewildered, grasping for techniques and strategies that guarantee their futures. But integrity is not something that can be grasped and then simply used. Integrity in its essence must be so ingrained within the nature of an individual, its company and the team members, that it remains steadfast no matter what.

Integrity Initiative is a private sector-led campaign that aims to promote common ethical standards among various sectors of society. It operates on the principle of inclusion and collective action.

The initiative's first endeavor is PROJECT SHINE which stands for the project's main objective:
      High-level commitment for 
      Integrity initiatives and
      Nurturing collective action of
      Enterprises advocating for fair market conditions.

PROJECT SHINE aims to institutionalize and promote honesty, transparency, and fairness in conducting business by using internal and external integrity validation systems. It is the 4-year project (2011-2014) implemented by the Makati Business Club and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, and funded by Siemens.

Why support SHINE? 

Here's the following reasons and advantages:
1). Gain competitive advantage as a recognized clean or ethical. Global trends indicate that investing in ethics is a business advantage for companies, even in a recession.

2). Access services such as toolboxes, helpdesks, and hotlies that aid in ensuring the efficiency of your integrity practices.

3). Avail potential privileges as a certified ethical company when dealing with the government

4). Be a part of a growing group of ethically-conscious companies taking the lead in propagating positive change with the way business is conducted in the Philippines. 

As part of these project European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, in partnership with Chris Sports are inviting us to participate in this year's I RUN FOR INTEGRITY Towards a New Philippines.

Join now and be one of the supporters of this remarkable project to demonstrate Integrity in the new tomorrow. Participating in this event will show your commitment to support the initiative. 

Major event partners for the 2012 Integrity Run include Convergys who is sending at least 1,000 employees to the run, Chris Sports, Aboitiz Power, Globaltronics, Inc. , Smart Communications, Inc. & DHL Express Philippines Corp., Phinma Foundation, Inc.  Event Supporters include : Bellacrocca Island Resort & Spa, Blue Cross Insurance Inc. , Electrolux Philippines,  Kellogs Philippines, MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corporation, MSD Philippines, Planters Development Bank, Royal Cargo, Siemens, Inc., The Medical City, United Salvage & Towage Philippines Inc.

Last year's event took 5,000 plus participants. This year they are aiming for 7,000 supporters.
Click here to view it's year-end report of last year's success

It is a fun run composed of four categories: 3K, 5K, 10K and 15K. Registrations are still on-going at all Chris Sports Megamall, Glorietta, Mall of Asia, Festival Mall, Market! Market! & Fitness & Athletics , BGC.  or at the ECCP office, 19th Floor, AXA Life Center, Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.  All runners will sign a pledge that commits them to follow a culture of integrity. 

For individual or group registrations please email events@integrityinitiative.com.

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  1. Run for a cause and at the same time for good health na rin.

  2. It's been a while since my last run.. the shirts look great! :)

    1. thank you Berylle! Thanks for visiting

  3. it's nice to know that people don't run just for running and their fees really go to supporting foundations and stuff.

    1. yeah and the organizers are very professional! Thanks for visiting Athena

  4. This run has a great objective. A healthy way of promoting our country; physically and as a citizen of the Philippines.

  5. I think this is nice! Run for intergrity :) I wanna join if only I could but I'm too far so I couldn't register :(

    1. thanks for your visit Patricia! Try to join some run events on your place, its rewarding :)

  6. Cool ang event na ito...
    Sana maabot ang 7000 na target...:)

  7. Recently, there was a run for Earth, then for Pasig River, for Heritage then now for integrity. I love how organizers are able to come up with themes since fun runs are very patok these days :)

    1. .. it become a trend now, like a party

  8. The Lord teaches us to do things with integrity no matter what it takes.
    wish I could join you guys.

    P.S. Hi Blair, try to change your comment system.
    Click design, then click setting, comment and post and choose embedded. Just give it a try. :D

  9. Woohoo go go go! But too bad I can't join this coz I'm in DVO now

    1. its okay RM, soon you will too! thanks for visiting

  10. I am very proud of you! What a great mission to promote integrity and Get fit at the same time! I hope to run a 5k soon!

    1. thank you Tara.. yeah I'm very happy that I made my 3K

  11. Excellent! I love 5ks and I love them more when they mean something important to the runner!

  12. Running for a cause...
    This is not only a healthy activity but
    a significant event.
    should be possessed by everybody.

    1. very right Marri, well thank you for visiting


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