My ZALORA Wishlist

Creating wishlist is something I'm always do especially during my dull days. I have lots of wishlist, categorized my wishlist for travel and destination, for food, gadgets of course, and also, will never be out of my list.. my fashion wishlist!

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines (I may say, the coolest advertising firm!) for sending me an invitation to join the ZALORA Wishlist Campaign. ZALORA whose a hit now online because of their many selection, and the best part is they offer free shipping that includes the taxes. They offer lots of international and local based brands, from athletic apparels, casual and formal wear, swimwear and accessories too, both for men and women. They also offer apparel for your little angels too! When you open their site, it feels like you are shopping inside a luxury department store, while sitting on your comfortable couch, and having your pedis done. All you have to do is just browse, choose and click your buys. 

For those who haven't visit their website, I'm sharing my screenshot of their homepage. See how chic their site is!

I'm also listing down here my five (5) item wishlist from ZALORA. I wanna make this shopping a memorable and awesome so I picked these lovely pieces.

Cape Dress Leopard Print by Chic Yamada
This is my top most wishlist, coz I haven't own a leopard dress, haha. I love how this dress flows down, having a simple top-design and sexy down to hemline. I imagine myself wearing this for a bloggers' event, maybe a Bloggers' Fashion Night Out 

Cutwork/Embroidery Polo Dress by Area 27
I'm a girly who also love PINK! The tiger claw embroidery makes this dress gives fierce, and adds sexiness. I'm imagining myself pairing with white sporty skirt for my next golf practice in the driving range. I believe this will help me to achieve my perfect swing :)

Urbaine Blush Platform Pumps
I fell in-love with this chaussure! The best thing about this is that I can pair it with any clothes - for office wear, lunch o dinner date, press conference/meeting - very flexible to wear.

Pure Grit W by Brooks
This athletic shoe is design for people who loves to do marathon, but in my case I would love to use it for my fun run events and regular jogging exercise. Like the Urbaine Pumps, its also flexible to wear - I'm also seeing myself wearing this with my wishlist Arena 27 for my tee time.

Small Leather Satchel by Cole Vintage Mariano
Finally to complete my wishlist, I want this bleu ciel satchel to go with me on my event attendance coz, its so light very versatile  and  can carry my simple things, my iPhone, pen and paper (yeah I'm still using paper to take notes, haha) This is also a very good investment piece, an aura of sophistication and sleek design makes this satchel an envy piece.

Next time I will share to you my other wishlist on fashion, travel, movie and other things! Have fun reading my other post and also, don't forget to sign-up at ZALORA to avail their awesomely lovely surprised that awaits you.

 You may also check their Facebook at and follow them via Twitter at @ZALORAPH.

Happy shopping and creating your very own wishlist! Ciao Bellas!

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  1. It's good to have this Wishlist contest. Hopefully we would have the chance to win because i joined too..:) good luck to us!:)

  2. I'm thinking of joining too. But just decided to hop on blogs and comment on their posts.

  3. We have one same thing included in the list! :D love it :D

  4. Joined this one too. I love the leopard print dress.

    1. .. seems we have similar fashion taste :)

  5. I still haven't checked Zalora yet, I'm so unupdated.. >.< But I love everything on your wishlist! :) I'll try making my own wishlist too ^^

    1. yay! all of us makes wishlist! That's one of the FREE things to do.. the longer your list, the more fantastic your are :)


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