Hello Kitty Living Doll - Mary Mae Dela Cerna

just wanna share to you girls my favorite stage performer, Mary Mae Dela Cerna a member of the hottest girl dance group Mocha Girls headed by Mocha Uson. Mocha Uson seems like a Venus (yeah she is) well Mary Mae or aka Kitty Mae, is the cutest.. Yeah not just because of her very attractive personality, but also of her vast collection of Hello Kitty items - starting from clothing and accessories, furniture and gadgets, and even his motorbike and car! I'm sounding like a typical fanatic here, but yeah I can't help it.. i like her locks (wish I could dyed my hair blonde) and also the way she dance and perform on-stage is really amazing..

I have watched some of her dance video on Youtube, and all I can say is great! Wishing one of these days I could drop by at Bluewave Macapagal just to see her performing live, and to get a chi-chat with her, LOL

if you wanna know more about Kitty Mae, you may visit her Facebook Page

How about you, who's your favorite artist? Leave your comments below!
photo credits to Mary Mae's FB

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  1. She's so pretty!!!



    1. yeah she's a beauty too! I'm dying to see her live performance, but my schedule doesn't permit yet.. hopefully soon!

  2. ahmm now what is the color of her hair?


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