Clever Way to Organize Your Contacts, plus Giveaways! [CLOSED]

Are you having some problems organizing your contacts? 

During my college days, I was taught the importance of connecting people and building good network (thanks to my Dad), the importance of business cards, and maintaining your communication with them. But there comes a times that I forgot some of my contacts, especially if I haven't organized it properly. Well, thank to our modern gadgets nowadays, we can easily get connected to others with the help of various social medias. But still, for me it's not enough to rely these important things in social media. I still do the old-fashioned, but effective ways to connect - by exchanging business cards, and getting one. That's why it's also important to me having these awesome organizers. 

So today, I've researched online for some awesome organizer-diva and their tips on organizing their contacts. Some are physical (like mine) and some are electronically, but the most important is how they do these awesome get-organized tricks, with system:

1. Business Cards
When collecting business cards I make a comment on the back of the card re: something to help remember the person. Then I only keep the ones I can anticipate connecting with. They are then placed in a reference (Rolodex) file by type of business and not the name. It is easier to look for a "Printer" than trying to recall the name.
Thanks to Ann Gambrell of Creative Time-Plus

2. From Clutter To Actionable Information
A pile of business cards is simply clutter. How do you turn them into actionable information?
Add them to your contact management system. In addition to the name, phone numbers, company, and e-mail, include where and when you met the person, who introduced you, and why you might want to contact him/her in the future. If your system enables you to categorize or label contacts, do so!
Thanks to Sharon Lowenheim of Organizing Goddess, Inc.

3. Business Card Cache
After meeting someone new and returning to my office I am sure to update their name/info in our Virtual Response database. After that, I will add them to my database if necessary. Otherwise I will simply put them into my business card binder to have for future reference.
Thanks to Laurie Meek of LNM Home & Office Management

4. Booking Notebook
Staple the cards into a little notebook, one card per page. Follow up right away, to identify your true connections, and eliminate the others. Contacts which enter into your business work flow as potential clients, team members, or partners may be transferred to your existing client management system when you make an appointment. Those that become personal friends, service providers, or consultants may simply be transferred to your personal address book. This is good for marketing/direct sales.
Thanks to Shelley Molitor of Established Ways

5. Business Card Management
I scan all business cards into Outlook contacts. Then I enter keywords in the notes section and rely on the search command to locate a person or specialty.
Thanks to Terri Sullivan of Personally Organized

6. If You're "carded"
If you're carded, it means I met you at a networking event & immediately made notes on your card. I wrote down when and where the event occurred and what we talked about. If you were wearing something unusual and I commented on it, I may have made a note of that, too. The card will help me remember you. will also help you remember me in case I contact you in the future. As soon as I got back to the office, I put your card in a folder labeled "leadership" or some other topic I write on.
Thanks to Marlene Caroselli of Center For Professional Development

7. Managing Biz Cards
I think it's important to do some of the work while at the networking event, since I won't remember everything when I get back to the office and process them the next day. I always have a pen with me so I can make notes on the actual card - not only on what we spoke about, but any other bits such as physical description, where they're from, etc., that might jog my memory later. If they approved being added to my newsletter list, I also mark that on the card - usually with an NL in the corner.
Thanks to Brenda Kenny of Busy Bee Organizing Solutions

8. Scan, Save & Use
I use a Neat Scanner and the Neat Software. Then I verify the information and export to a CSV (Excel) doc. Next I import them into IContact and send them a nice to meet you eMail. Then they are moved into a Networking group in my Apple Contact program and transferred to an appropriate group for future contact and reference.
By doing all that... I have them synced to my IPhone and IPad for easy access and reference.
Thanks to Brian Basilico of B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.

so grab your contact lists and collected business cards, and start ORGANIZING!

To help you my lovely readers, I'm giving away these business cards organizers! Five (5) Lucky Readers will receive these chic-and-professional organizers. Just simply following these few instructions:

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Open worldwide so start sending your entries!

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  1. Well, I practically segregate the things i use for school and for work. It's very frustrating when you see a lot of papers scattering in your room. I wish i could have this organizer. It would really be a big help for me . :)

    1. .. I'm also a hoarder, and i keep the things that I thought I can still use. So organizers works for me.. Thanks for visiting, and joining the giveaway :D

  2. i'm not good with organization. i always buy different sorts of organizers but i always ended up not using them. i'm just used with my clutter i guess. and in a way, it works best for me. i remember trying to be organized one time and i can't find the thing i'm looking for. me being organized? not in this lifetime. but i wish i am.

    1. .. :D I also experience it most of the time.. being organized then forgotten where did I placed my stuffs.. but the thing is, practice the new ways, and getting used to it.

  3. Nice way to organize the contacts. I'll try to apply this technique

  4. wooow.. this is very cool! and very organized too! <3
    I really need one.. ang dami kong business cards na nakakalayat lng.. at pag may hinahanap ako.. ang hirap hanapin kase di ako organized XD

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  5. Here's what i do for keeping my kid's playroom organized and uncluttered. I bought a few of those huge plastic boxes/containers that you can find at the mall and i teach them to sort out their toys by type (ex. Cars,robots, action figures, etc..). That way they learn how to keep things tidy and organized. :)


    Lovely Joy Merced
    FB: www.facebook/com/lovelyjoymerced
    Twitter: @Joyluck_614

  6. Awesome organizing tips for work:
    *Color-coding your files makes it faster to find information.
    *Use boxes (especially recycled one) for file storage.
    *Have a to-do list for each day at your desk.

    Name: rosie ledesma
    fb account:
    twitter account:
    tweet link:

  7. I give my personal time in every thing I organize and that's what make it more effective because I'd definitely remember where and how I kept 'em.

  8. I do separate my blog and "regular" work contacts and I know it is funny but I plan to collect business cards of high level executives I met :)

    I use boxes of watch, or jewelry to keep them -- recycle is the way to do it! ;) but would love to win that organizer too! :) ;)


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