SM Ladies Fashion at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

 always remember the basic rule of matching, one part plain solid color, the other part is printed!

 This coming holiday season (it's almost near!) is the most exciting season of all, and also one of the best moments to dress-up and play with colors. Just take a look of these awesome and gorgeous candy-colored pieces showcased by SM Ladies Fashion during the recent Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 at SMX Convention Center. It's time to experiments and mix-and-match colors, graphics, prints and stripes, with different textures and lightness. I personally love these collection, very girly and fit for my personality. How about you, girls?

 no doubt that aquamarine is now flagging the season, and the 70's starting to rock!

love tangerine? It's the the newest holiday color! Continue browsing for your best fashion holiday ideas
By the way, thanks for Philippine Fashion Week for these photos... I love you guys! 

 solid colors + prints + smile = Fabulous!

 dresses never got out-of-style.. try experimenting with different lengths, textures and designs. Being young means enjoying each fun moments and that includes dressing-up :) That's what we girls born for!

 .. are you planning spending your holiday in a fabulous resort? Look for these pieces and pack-up dozens of these.. fresh and fun!

 pale and bright.. nothing beats the enigmatic combinations for summer.

 let's have fun shopping, surfing and seeing the boys!

 florals prints in all sizes and shapes 

 floral cover-ups is a must, specially for a windy summer in the beach.. and also a good way spice up your look.

 free-flowing dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, and uneven lengths makes the statement of sexiness and mysteriousness. 

 parsley and graphics are always IT! of course don't forget your best fashion - SMILE

 i love tangerine, reminds me of the cool autumn and the cool summer.

 .. okay enough for fun and summer. let's talk about serious business. SM Ladies Fashion also presents these tailored cut dresses, ala Chanel-inspired black-and-white... make a statement by additional red in your seriousness. Invest to these kind of wardrobe and you will be confident to face the board of directors and bring kaching to your company.

 these collection reminds me of Miranda Hobbes of Sex and the City.. oohh Fab!

 .. or you decided to meet your client over Starbucks? Grab these pices and mix-and-match... perfect for going out for business lunch or dinner.

 I recommend to all girls to invest in good quality tailored blazer - it never fades it's style.

 for an afternoon date or tea with your boyfie!

 for a glamorous fashion night-out at Skye or Palladium, opt for these sexy pieces, not too revealing but classic and sophisticated, gives positive impression as a lady with high taste.

or if you are feeling vixen, tonight, opt for this fire-red, flaming and oozing of mystery and sexiness.

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