Suri Cruise - young Stylish Hollywood Celebrity kid, and the battle for her custo

.. the kid who travels by a private jet, spending lavish vacation tours, and with personal security, that's how to live a Suri's lifestyle!

I was kinda shocked, when I read it online last week about Hollywood couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce. Yeah divorce is kinda normal now, Holmes and Cruise! Remember the lavish wedding, extravagant vacation, and being in limelight.. and thinking Tom Cruise.. hhhmm well most of us norms feel disappointed about it.. well life is always like that, not everyday is a fairytale. 

But the best moment that happen is the birth of their lovely daughter, Suri who's now dominating other celebrity kids, not just because of her parents, but because she's making her own name, with her exquisite taste in style in fashion. Not all kids are like her, who already knows what she wants, and shops with her very own AMEX!

Here's what I've notice about Suri. Her must-have accessories are:
* Stylish-comfy girly clothes
* Ballet flats (specifically this silver/gray one)
* one or two dolls
* long flowy hair
* sweat shirt / jacket / cover-ups
* her bubbly personality
* her lovely SMILE
* always with her mom Katie Holmes

like mommy, like daughter. Suri will soon be the hottest celebrity thanks to her good genes!

well life is not perfect for Suri, now that her parents are divorced and also battling for her custody. Who will wins in the end? Team Katie or Team Tom? Let's hope and pray then, for Suri's good life after this sad story of her life.

i love this mother-daughter tandem, soo cute! 

.. a kid who knows how to deal with paparazzi - just smile and ignore!

*all these photos from Just Jared

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  1. She looks like a smaller version of Katie Holmes. She is really so cute. So young and already spending a good deal of running... running from the paparazi that is. =>

    1. yeah, and she knows how to dress.. very lovely!

  2. very cute... just sad about her parent's decision... hope everything still goes well with her. Yahweh bless.

    1. the battle of custody is still on-going.. hope she will be okay.

  3. Very pretty and adorable Suri! Indeed, she's a perfect resemble of her mother. :) I wonder how she speaks too. :D

  4. yeah so pretty kid! But she's in the middle of her parent's separation, I just hope it won't affect her too much.

  5. wow!!!
    nice snapshot, i like the way these young and stylish hollywood people live.

    all pictures are superb.

    Thanks. :)

  6. Energetic girl... She's lovely and cute, a promising celebrity kid!

    1. .. she is, no wonder.. thanks for her good genes!

  7. Cute kid. Very much like the father and mother.

  8. I cant wait to see her when she grows up... I think she will be more beautiful than her mom!

  9. Though some local celebrities are only famous to the people who have heard of them, most celebrities enjoy being in events far away and same is with TV.


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