The Dude Looks Good: 12 Personal Style Menswear Blogs I Love

A few weeks ago we rounded up some of our favorite menswear blogs – from big and magazine-y (Hypebeast; Valet) to personal and excellently curated. This week we want to give it up for the bold and stylish guys who do what so many of us ladies do on our blogs – show off their personal style!

To gather these blogs we scoured one blogroll to the next and natch, took quite a few cues from th You all are a constant source of new inspiration, blog bookmarks and cool new sites we never would have found on our own. From dapper to dandies, bow ties, bucks and no shortage of above-the-knee shorts (we love) – these menswear bloggers each bring their own unique flair to the table:
* excerpt from IFB

Edward H., by Edward Honaker
This Tumblr blog features minimal design, great Q+A with readers and the guy can make florals look masculine. We can dig it.

The Dandy Project, by Izzy
Minimalist style, DIY projects and cool shop reviews make this a truely unique menswear blog.

Munrowe, by Justin Livingston
We love Justin’s quirky-cool style, curly red hair and top-knotch photography.

I am Galla, by Adam Gallagher
Color, prints and monochromatic looks (not to mention great sunglasses) all with a SoCal twist – from a Los Angeles-based blogger.

Closet Freaks, by Anthony Urbano & Dustin Tyler Moore
Anthony picks the clothes, Dustin strikes the pose. They’re in love, they’re stylish and they’re pretty damn funny. What more could you ask for?

Dan Chiz, by Dan Chizzoniti
This guy’s style as well as his fun and playful spirit comes through in his love of color, prints… and all the jumping he does.

Fashion Bits & Bobs, by Pascal Grob
A Student based in Zurich, Pascal and his blog have already been featured in many publications including Vogue and GQ.

Fashion Goggled, by Landon Miller
Based in NYC and working in PR, we love Landon’s laidback style and currently – his polka dot shorts.

Christoph Who?, by Christoph Schaller
His blog combines his loves of travel, photography and fashion into a personal and street style diary with global appeal.

K a t e L o v e s M e, by Pelayo Diaz
There’s not much to say about him except that his style is truly unique, and his blog is unlike any we’ve come across before. Pelayo is a true individual (and we love his playful photography and poses).

The Midwestyle, by Jeff, Seth and Cam
This site is run by three guys who each have their own sense of personal style, and through narrative and great photography, their individual posts create a singular message.

This Fellow, by Bobby Hicks
Okay, we may secretly just love this blog because he’s Keiko Lynn‘s boyfriend – but really, the guy’s got style!

Did we miss any top-notch personal style menswear blogs?


  1. I really like their styles and their matching pose...absolutely amazing...

  2. I like their styles and their matching poses...absolutely amazing


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