Hello Kitty "KittyRobot" Exhibition in Tokyo


Hello Kitty, as the queen or rather Goddess of Japanese kawaii, has brought smiles to billions of people around the globe, and still counting. This year, the Hello Kitty creation presents the "Kittyrobot" exhibition in Tokyo at Omotesando Hills aiming to bring both smiles and support to those affected by last year's great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

The “Kittyrobot” exhibition features over one hundred customized Hello Kitty dolls created by Japanese and international celebrities. After the exhibition is over, these one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty dolls will be sold at a charity auction for earthquake relief. Each of the creators has not only decorated their Kitty, but also shared their own “message to the future” to encourage a bright future for earthquake victims. 

The exhibition itself is designed to immerse you in a futuristic Hello Kitty world. There is a giant Hello Kitty robot on one wall, a flying Hello Kitty suspended from the roof, and a giant winged Hello Kitty standing atop a rocket ship. There are even Hello Kitty games where you can try to bring an injured Kittyrobot back to life.

The Kittyrobot exhibition runs last August 12th-19th. The entrance fee for adults is 500 yen, for high school students is 300 yen, and for children get in free. All proceeds will be given to the charity.

The list of celebrities who have customized Hello Kitty dolls can be shown here.
Thank to Tokyo fashion for these photos.

Enjoying viewing Hello Kitty Robot Dolls and help to spread the smiles!!!


  1. This is heaven for hello kitty lovers!

  2. im gonna die of envy.. this is the best!
    thanks for sharing.

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  3. I'm not a hello Kitty lover BUT cute hello kitty stuff! Super purdy ♥

  4. ohmy! I die! Great great stuff! I love hello kitty and i love everything. hello kitty overload! ahh heaaven! <3


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