Philippine Fashion Week SS Collection October 23-29, 2012

I am so excited for this month, as we in the fashion industry will celebrate this year's Philippine Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013 Collection. I've got too excited that I have already posted some notes to my iPhone calendar!  

Since we still have 12 more days to go for the event's culmination, I am sharing you the candid photos I've took during the last season's Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 Collection. Everyone in the whole Metro are so crazily excited. These photos are taken during the last day of the fashion week, brought to us by LOREAL Paris featuring the mystical creations of Jerome Salaya - Ang.

all fashion lovers knows the importance of taking a souvenir photo with this backdrop.

all the socialites, celebrities, fashion icons, and social climbers gathered together and shared their own IN and OUT opinions...

I love how LOREAL Paris setup this cocktail booth for us fashionistas.. oozing with cocktails, yummy fingers foods, and ohh la la chikkas!

be creative, sky is the limit... these two gals seems like they came out at the Halloween party! 

ladies-in-trio-with-boyfie-as-photographer... hhmmm ladies, we know that your bags are not genuine..

i love LOREAL Paris make-up, it last longer and doesn't itch my skin.

in the event, they offer FREE make-over! I just didn't try it coz I'm already wearing my make-up.. anyway soo fabulous..

all LOREAL Products for a free make-over!

your belle, wearing my vintage pink trench coat! I felt like a New Yorker here :)
Trench coat - stylist own, vintage | Bag - Louis Vuitton Speedy | Dress - Stylist Own | Shoes - Folie

... and here's the very long line of peeps, waiting for them to enter the venue.. please, please check your invites!

I love my simple make-up here.. hehe thanks for Maybelline for my lipstick!

your belle with sweet Christine (if I'm not mistaken), a fellow blogger, that I met that night. 

the crowds are fantastic! All Dolls and Toys let's party :D

.. it's like a concert, with runway models strutting down the front aisle. 

hey girl, whoever you are I LOVE your Tangerine dress! Fabuloso indeed 

" Where's our next stop, darling?" " Let's eat, I'm starving!" LOL

see-through dresses and laces are always "IT" during holidays.. BUt don't make so must see-through, to the point I can see your boobies! Definitely NOT IT

Always fabulous and classy! Thanks for reading my blogs and see you all this coming Philippine Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013!


  1. Wow i wanna go to. Is there a ticket? How to get passes? thanks

  2. I'm also excited for this Nov's PFW! I hope I get to be in one of the events though :)) Either way, I bet this is going to be big!

  3. Super fun! :-)


  4. What a grandiose event! I know how extremely happy you are to be able to attend an event like that. Love the free makeover! :)


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