Blogger Overload: Tommy Ton - Magazine Editors Look Down on Bloggers

Do magazine editors really have that much disdain for people who got famous online? Tommy Ton thinks they do.

"You can sense it when you're going to the shows," Ton said in an interview with The Talks. "You feel like they belittle you in a way. Not intentionally, but you can feel like they're thinking, 'Oh, you've cheated the system. I don't feel like you earned your spot here sitting in the show.' Maybe that's just me being a bit more insecure. And if I still feel that way in my position I can only imagine what a new blogger feels like coming into this."

Ton added that even famous denizens of the Internet take flak for not having risen through the ranks at traditional publications.

"There are negative connotations to being a blogger," he said. "Regardless of whatever success you've had, when you meet someone they are like, 'Oh, you're that blogger!' And I'm like, 'Yes, that's me, the blogger.' It's a very belittling or demeaning term in some ways. But I think it's also great that there are people like [BryanBoy] who are very comfortable and secure with themselves. He's like, 'Yes, I'm the blogger. And I'm also on America's Next Top Model. What are you going to say about that?'"

I am proud be a blogger, not just a plain blogger but a fabulous professional blogger. I am very thankful to all my readers, supporters, advertisers, clients, and sponsors for believing on my work and capability. I don't feel insecure for being a blogger because my work are very different to the other medias out there. I am independent and work professional with class and style.
I am not bothered about editors say about your work, besides bloggers have their own thing, own readers/followers - one of the reasons that we continue to have amazing post and explore our interest.
Be happy and proud of your work, and by that everyone will see and believe too. 

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