GreenGate, Karen Walker, Pixar, Cabbages and Roses, Star Wars for the UT UNIQLO Spring Summer 2013

Last week, I've share good news about the latest collaborations of Beautiful People, G.V.G.V., Iliann Loeb, Leur Logette, and Celia Birtwell. But UNIQLO doesn't stop on giving their customers new excitement, as they launched their other newest collaborations, in addition to their Spring Summer 2013 Collections. 

Green Gate for UNIQLO Spring Summer 2013

You cant go wrong with pastels. Think about sweet baby pinks, and blossoms, colors of mint and bright blue sky, while having your simple tea party - that's what Green Gate is all about. Based on Denmark, Green Gate gives the luxurious design of English and French culture, heritage and unique personality, of lovely florals and dot prints. Famous from their kitchen ware collections (especially their tea party pieces), Green Gates designed their signature prints for UNIQLO's shirts and dresses, that are soo beautiful and fresh for today's Spring and Summer getaways. 

PIXAR UT for UNIQLO's Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Who will ever forget about greatest moment watching Monster, Inc. Cars, Toy Story, and other 3D cartoons made by our favorite PIXAR? We've laugh and cried and learned on each movies that they have, very family oriented (remember UP!) which made us laugh and became part of our lives. The shirt shouts your character, of who you really are, or what you want to be. Which I personally think its very impressive.

Like many others, I am also a huge fan of vintage clothing - which is why I am also excited for the collaborations of Cabbages and Roses with UNIQLO. The 1940's inspired pieces, timeless trench coats and jackets - a truly investment pieces on everyone's wardrobe. 

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Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the in-famous robot R2-D2 - these characters became part of our lives. We used to play of own version of lightning sword, space ships, and that black cape. That's why UNIQLO incorporate the adventures and thrill that we always have in this UT shirts. These shirt will soon be available this March 2013, as part of the Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

Very feminine and charming - Karen Walker is to be part of the UNIQLO Collection this coming March 2013. Very fresh look, perfect for you outdoor walk and window shopping. I am also excited to have my own Karen Walker from UNIQLO.

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  1. I have yet to see the collection for myself. Looks very pretty. :)


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