Andi Eigenmann for Preview Magazine February 2013; and How LOVE Changed Her

Is love important to you?

"I guess for me it's a big thing, that's why it nearly ruined my career. But what I realized is, love does not judge; it cannot be weighed, wala siyang end. 'Yung na-realize ko naman sa love, hindi ko siya dapat pinipilit, hindi ko siya dapat hinahanap. If it's not there, it's not there; if it's there, it's there. It can grow and grow and grow, and if I grow out of it that's not my problem anymore. I've gone through so much because of love. I got pregnant because I was in love. Next, I was in love with someone na kahit meron akong anak, you know, not everyone was for it, and it built a lot of issues, and basically parang himdi kami gusto ng tao maging together. And I ended up feeling so bad for myself. Because of love I lost my self-esteem. I felt like maybe I'm not good enough. But then I realized these people who don't want me for him don't know who I am and how much I care for this person. And I know this person knows me so well already, and this person loves me. And if this person loves me in the way I believe he does, he will fight for me."

"I know I sound like I'm telling a fairy tale, but I believe it. In my first relationship, hindi ko pa alam 'yung essence of falling head-over-heels for someone, being swept off my feet. It doesn't mean that that person didn't make me feel loved, it's just that hindi pa talaga masyadong mature 'yung relationship. We didn't require much from each other, it was very simple. But this time, I experienced real love. I care for this person; I know I will for the rest of my life. It's just a whole different feeling kasi I know na mas totoo. Tska 'yon, alam ko na marami akong napagdaanan at nandiyan pa rin siya, nandiyan pa rin 'yung pagmamahal. So I know it's real. Whatever's going on between us I know it's happening not because this has to be put to an end. It's meant to happen to help us come to a point when we could be happier. What he has given me I can give back, given the chance."

Photograhy: Bj Pascual
Styling: Daryl Chang
Make-Up: Paolo Maranan for Clinique
Hair: Mark Familara for L'Oreal Professionnel
Art Direction: Vince Uy
Inspiration : MOD Style 
Dresses by Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

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  2. She's totally magnificent, and I love her character :)

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