Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Dress invades the covers of Fashion Magazines

Taylor Swift as a cover girl for the ELLE Magazine March 2013 Issue
Simplicity is beauty - for me it's classic and divine. I also like her bracelet here, and her nude nail polish. Nude lips is not hitting this summer... here it's like Taylor saying "You wanna kiss me?" , and oohh I adore her hairstyle!

Taylor Swift posed in a printed Louis Vuitton dress for issue of Elle magazine, which is available on your favorite newstand. She's been busy prepping for her upcoming tour and most recently made headlines for slamming ex Harry Styles during her recent Grammy performance. Inside the issue, Taylor addressed her insecurities, ex-boyfriends, and the speculation surrounding her songwriting. She also got candid about how she handles being the center of a constant swirl of rumors. Here are highlights from Taylor Swift in Elle:

On her insecurity: "Middle school was what programmed me to be semi-insecure, like, all of the time. I didn't fit in. . . . I'd stand on the outside of the circle but I was never really in. That's when I started to realize there's this thing called rejection."
On ex-boyfriends: "I don't think I've ever yelled at an ex-boyfriend. Ever. I'm not a yeller. I'm not a fit thrower. If something is done, it's done."
On speculation surrounding her songs and famous exes: "To me it's just writing songs the way I always have. It's me sitting on my bed feeling pain I didn't understand, writing a song, and understanding it better. If people want to dissect the lyrics, that's their right, but it's all coming from the exact same place as where I started. It's just something I do to feel better."

 Janine Tugonon for Metro Magazine March 2013 Issue
TOO much RUNWAY LOOK - the HEADBANDS, bangles, and YELLOW nail polish! Metro Magazine overdo her looks. {{hyena laugh}} METRO Mag - please I've seen this on runway {{hyena laugh}}

ELLE Singapore March 2013 Issue
ELLE Magazine has this standard of "class. Here also, they didn't over-kill this model's appearance - they made her stunning not only because she wears LV, but also emphasizing her inner and outer beauty. 

Yellow is my all-time favorite color, that's why I've got so excited watching the video stream of Louis Vuitton's latest collection for the Spring 2013. Vintage-meets-Lady-in-Sunshine-Yellow! You may check the full collection via VOGUE

So, which magazine cover do you like? Your comments are highly appreciated :X

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  1. Yeah, I just saw the ELLE cover yesterday. I like none of these covers. Ang like ko ay yung COSMO Phils for this month. Hihi.

    1. ohh no.. I think I am behind! I'm gonna find out , hehehe {intriguing}


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