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(Manila, Philippines) Not all girls are created equal – in height, weight, and personality, but one common denominator equalizes each, the love to look and feel good all the time.

We all know that women, when given the right pair of shoes, can conquer the world, and plus points for the men who know this open secret. And in 2009, four men who understood women’s pains started on the road for women’s gains – with affordable, practical footwear – made with an innovative twist.

When foldable and rollable shoes invaded the fashion industry in the latter part of 2009, they were an instantaneous hit. But they were primarily positioned as after-heels footwear, made to give relief after a night of partying in killer heels. So Butterfly Twists took a different route. These foldable shoes are not just a girl’s extra pair, as the quality can withstand different walking surfaces. In fact, the new collection is now sturdier, more comfortable, and more fashionable, that they have moved from spare pair to only pair.

Butterfly Twists offers a set of beautiful foldable shoes that can match any girl’s personality. You can go from girly with laces and ribbons, or rock star chic with its metallic and studs-designed ballet flats. The technology behind the shoe construction is also a plus; it’s made with durable elastic, with skid resistance and improved comfort and breathability. 

There is no question that heels will not leave girls’ closets, but for occasions when a lot of moving around is involved, it’s best to be in a pair to be you’re free from pain and worry. What’s even greater is the convenience of bringing it along just right inside a bag, as these foldable shoes come with a small pouch for easier stash-ability. 

Comfort footwear becomes even more convenient with the arrival of foldable shoes, and Butterfly Twists leads the game by offering stylish ballet flats, and even folding boots, to meet the new lifestyle of women – always on the go, always moving around. 

 The combination of sturdy shoes, fab fashion, and foldable functionality inspired Lina Claudio, President of Butterfly Twists Philippines, to officially get the sole distributorship for the new and improved Butterfly Twists in the Philippines. As a woman of style and influence, she was attracted to the UK-based foldable shoes’ array of designs and the convenient lifestyle perfect for busy Filipino women.

“Women today are busier. They attend to their families, they have jobs, they work out; some still go to school, and basically, they’re always on the go, so they need shoes to help them do all these things in confidence,” shares Lina. “We offer products that complement the new Filipino women’s lifestyle, more especially now that we’re headed to a more fashion-conscious direction. The new Butterfly Twists just fall right smack in the middle of all these trends.”

About Butterfly Twists
Butterfly Twists collection of folding shoes and folding boots are redefining style, comfort and fashion. We have a wide selection of affordable and practical ballet pumps that can be worn for everyday use and are perfect for almost any occasion from driving to clubbing and shopping to traveling. All of our ballet pumps and boots designs are innovative and include different colours and styles making sure that your foldable shoes always stand out from the crowd. For more information visit www.facebook.com/ButterflyTwistsPhilippines and @BTwistsPH on Twitter

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