Sinking into Bali's Spa Luxury - Ayana Resort and Spa

Bali is a true Mecca for Spa lovers, with the choice of resorts and treatments on offer being as wide as the smiles of the Balinese people themselves, and even the most dedicated Spa junkies can find something that will surprise them.

Ayana Resort and Spa - the creme de la creme of Bali Spas, which is set on 77 hectares of cliff-top tropical gardens perched 35 meters above Jimbaran Bay, offers breath-taking landscape and ocean views in a secluded location. The property boasts 290 hotel rooms and 78 luxury private villas spread out along its 1.3 kilometers coastline, which makes it the most spacious resort in Bali.

Whether it's a romantic vacation, a honeymoon, a wedding, an escape from the busy world or just a pure relaxation and a Spa experience you are after - Ayana can do it all.

A busy reception area runs smoothly, with plenty of helpful smiley staff at hand. The resort is massive and, as you would expect, very well looked after, with plenty of open space, undulating hills, perfect lawns, lots of water features and a tasteful landscape design. Just the right balance between luxury and chilled out environment.

The dedicated Spa area is beautifully set up, with loads of space to chill out, a spacious changing area with a helpful attendant and well-established procedures. The attention of the Spa staff was exemplary, from reception to pool attendants. It's always good to know you are in capable hands when your goal is to total relaxation.

The Aquatic Seawater Therapy Pool contains 700 million liters of water directly supplied from the underlying Indian Ocean and warmed to optimum temperatures, to give you those jet stream massaging experience on your bum and shoulders and other parts of your body. The first thing you do when you get into the pool is having to walk against quite a strong water stream. Not the most relaxing start. But the effort pays off almost immediately, as you get to the point at which you slowly start making you way through 12 separate hydromassage stations, containing over 60 individual therapeutic jet streams, micro-bubbles and geysers. 

As the time goes by, you swing from one hydromassage station to another, and the jet streams are doing their work on every single part of your body, each station focusing on one particular area, from head to toe. It doesn't get boring at all; first, you can't wait to experience what the water massage at the next "station" is going to feel like; second, you are n the anticipation of coming towards the end of the circle as it offers spectacular ocean views, at which point it's water everywhere - around you and before you.

One of the highlights of the jet stream euphoria was foot massage - two powerful water streams from the floor literally will raise your body up as you stood in the pool; that could be a good preparation for experiencing levitation.

Aside from thalassotheraphy session, Ayana Spa also have their hot seashell massage. The therapist will show you her "tools" - beautiful seashells of various shapes and colours that are kept hot on an electric blanket. The treatment was a combination of full body deep tissue massage done with oil, followed by the hot seashell massage. The therapist will slowly work with your whole body with the seashells, and their hot, firm touch is a great way to undo the knots of your body, until your are sinking into the relaxation state deeper and deeper. At the end of the treatment the seashells are laid out on various energy centres of your body as you will enjoy a facial massage. 

Never missed the Rock Bar which the resort is famous for not only in the whole of Bali but also well beyond - voted as one of the world's best bars with a view. This open-topped space is right by the ocean and you need to take a cable car from the resort's main area to get there. The bar has a minimalist sleek design to keep your attention on the view of massive rocks and crashing waves all around you. The scenery is spectacular, and the sun set. 

Ayana Resort and Spa website

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