Spazio Lusso: Ferra, iconic luxury condo designed by Pininfarina in Singapore

Pininfarina and Far East Organization Singapore announce Ferra, ultra luxury condo. This high-end residential project marks the debut of Pininfarina in Singapore and represents a further statement of Pininfarina signature in the architecture following the recent successful projects in USA, Argentina and Italy.
Ferra is a 104 unit residential tower, around 102 meters high, for which Pininfarina has authored the complete project from the external architecture to the interior design, giving life to an absolutely exclusive building distinguished by a strong coherence of language in all its parts.

The uniqueness of Ferra’s identity finds its origins in aesthetic elements coming from the Pininfarina car design heritage that, reinterpreted, represent a breakthrough in the architectural language.

Starting from the volumes and the internal layout of the structure, Pininfarina studied architectural solutions able to find the perfect balance between the aesthetic excellence and the best functionality. The result is an exclusive and elegant building strongly characterized by the dynamism of the shapes, effect conveyed by the creation of important dichotomies.

In the external architecture two different souls coexist: the red one, more female, animated by sinuous lines generating strong emotions and the black one, more male, distinguished by tense and fast lines communicating the values of performance and speed. The duality is strengthened by the contrast created by the “warm” use of wood for the balconies and the sky terraces and the “cold” use of an innovative technical material for the external covering. The dynamism of the exteriors is emphasized by the sky terraces at 14th floor that, beyond conveying lightness to the façade, become, thanks to the refinement of the design, a very iconic and distinctive element. 

Other important styling elements of the façade are the ventilation openings on balconies, represented in the red tower by holes that gradually fade and in the black one by nervous lines, that Pininfarina team succeeded to turn from technical constraints into aesthetic marks reminding the air intakes in the car bodies. A sophisticated treatment of the surfaces and a great attention to all details, allowed to exploit at best the power of the light that, creating mutable reflections, always reinvents the shapes.

The interiors as well are characterized by a strong dynamism of shapes and by the use of very refined materials as leather and wood. Moreover the homebuyers will have the opportunity to customize their apartments with furniture designed by Pininfarina. A great attention was paid also to the design of all the details of the common areas, in particular the garage in which the lighting system was studied to valorize the cars as gems able to satisfy the most demanding car passionate.

The Pininfarina team successfully collaborated with Far East Organization, Singapore’s largest private property developer, and with the local architects and engineers to create a very innovative, modern and iconic project belonging to the Inessence collection, the ultra-luxury brand of Far East Organization.

We are very proud to have identified a specific expressive language and a strong aesthetic personality for Ferra’s project while, at the same time, being able to insert it harmoniously in the architectural context of Singapore,” says Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group. – Designing both the external architecture and the interiors of the building, our Design Manager Paolo Trevisan, together with Senior Architect Stefano Capranico and all the Pininfarina team fully expressed Pininfarina’s design DNA, characterized by the values of elegance, essentiality and innovation”.

“One of the trademarks of homes under our Inessence brand, is the signature design. Pininfarina’s unique design experience with luxury cars, products, architecture and interiors is brought to the fore in Ferra, with elements of the elegant silhouettes found in his designs integrated into a residential building” says Mr Chia Boon Kuah, Chief Operating Officer for the Property Sales Business Group in Far East Organization.

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