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Many women are tempted by various colors of lipstick.

As simple makeup that points out lips only is favored by many women these days, lip products have become hottest items in this season. The spectrum of colors became much wider from red, burgundy to purple and neon pink and this is also affected by current makeup trend.

Now there is no argue that the perfect item to finish makeup is lipstick. Stars already know the secret and this is why the actresses shine more when they smile at some celebrity events. 

The lip products from STYLENANDA 3 CONCEPT EYES provide wide color spectrum depending on the depth of color. The lipstick is colorful neon based, but it could be worn for party or on ordinary days depending on intensity of coloring.

If lipstick is applied fully along with the outer line of lips, it becomes full lip makeup. For smudge lip makeup, just apply the lipstick in the middle of lips and use concealer on the outer side. Gradation will be created and the lips will look as if tint is applied.

The one thing that women must be careful when trying dramatic full lip makeup is having moisturized lips ready. If lips are dried, wrinkles will stand out and exfoliation of dead cells will ruin the entire makeup.

Crayon type is very easy to use; crayon is applied so smoothly that it provides full color at first trial. Jumbo Lip Crayon by STYLENANDA 3 CONCEPT EYES provides vitality on lips. There is a total of 12 colors including this fall’s trend purple and burgundy.

Now, let us try smudge lip makeup by using two colors of lip crayon. First, prepare PINK SMOOTHIE and MAD RED for smudge lip makeup. 

PINK SMOOTHIE, made of soft coral pink color, is great in creating gradation in the outer parts of lips. After applying pink color, put on MAD RED on the inner part. Then use finger tips to smudge the color naturally and erase boundary line of pink and red.

Tint products exude feeling of adding natural bloom on face. Tints are normally very dry, but the one from STYLENANDA 3 CONCEPT EYES create a moisture shield on lips so it doesn't let lips dry.

Full or smudge lip makeup can also be done with tint products. First, make gradation by applying in the middle of lips and tapping with finger tips. Then use concealer or nude lipstick to provide dimensional volume on lips.

For thicker color formation, apply several times as if layering on lips. However, lips must be tone downed with concealer first to express the color of tint more brightly. 

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