Etude House x Disney XOXO Minnie Collection Released

Can you think of a sweeter collaboration than between Etude House and Disney? Etude's latest limited edition collection is none other than a collaboration with the ever stylish, Minnie Mouse! I've a soft spot for Disney (I never really grew up, after all!), so I'm definitely indulging in this collection, after skipping the last few Etude releases.

Take a look at the latest offerings! The packaging features a lot of white with black polka dots, the obligatory girlish pinks, and even a splash of red - for Minnie's cute red bow, no doubt?

It's been a while since Etude's released any new lashes! The Minnie Wink Lashes look quite fluttery - much like Minnie's own amazing lashes - she doesn't seem to wear much make-up, but she must wear either mascara or false lashes, because they're so long...

The lashes look quite lightweight! And the invisible lashband will help make them look more natural.

Etude's also repackaged a lot of their Look At My Eyes Cafe eyeshadows for this collection, as well as releasing a few new shades.

These are matte/non-shimmery shades, I think.  And the top 3 shades are the new colours - they're really lovely - perfect Fall shades.

PK003 is sort of calling out to me, as I've never seen/used a shade like that before. Might have to add it to my wishlist for now.

Some of the Look At My Eyes Jewel range has also been repackaged in Minnie style. These are the more shimmery, glittery eyeshadows Etude has on offer, and they've also released 4 new shades as well, for the collaboration.

Again, the new shades are just perfect for Fall, and that reddish coloured shade looks quite beautiful! I haven't a clue how to wear reddish eyeshadow, but I can appreciate the unique colour of it!

And here's a Minnie mascara - it appears to be a repackaging of the Etude Lash Perm 3 Step Mascara!

The box packaging is very cute, but I don't see anything Minnie-inspired on the actual mascara itself!

Next up is a highlighter (which I just bought, because I'm a sucker for highlighters), with super cute packaging.

My current fave powder highlighter is one by Etude House, so I hope this one will be just as good!

The Minnie Touch Highlighter is probably the most pricey item of the entire collection, along with the Touch Blusher.

I'm *so* thankful that this collection only has 2 lipsticks - it makes it so much easier to decide which shade to get - I bought both! I'm hoping and hoping the quality will be good, but I'm mainly getting these for the Minnie packaging.

I saw some swatches, and the colours and pigmentation does look really nice though!
Looking forward to trying that pink - such a cute colour! And it looks like a great shade for this coming Summer (though this is being touted a Fall trend colour).

And now we must take a look at the nail releases! Etude's always releasing super cute nail polishes and nail art bits and bobs in nearly every collection they do - so hard to resist...  

I love the packaging here, with the ears - but it's just cardboard and not part of the actual tub of nail glitters. The 'glitters' are Minnie themed! With bows, polka dots and Minnie-shaped heads - so super cute! I was going to buy the pink one, but these glitters tend to sit on the nail beds unevenly. I mean, they tend to make the nail surface lumpy, and sometimes they catch on my hair when I shampoo, and things like that.

And here's the range of new nail polishes - two solid colours in pink and red of course, and 4 sparkly glitter polishes. Ooh, just noticed the two solid colours are gel polishes?  

Here's how all the polishes and glitters look! I just love the thumbnail combination - classic Minnie Mouse for sure.

That's it for now. Are you going to be indulging in this collection? Who's your favourite Disney character?
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