Art Elements Welcomes Year of the Horse

Art Elements Asian Gallery ushers in the auspicious year of the Wood Horse with three unique exhibits by three artists – all masters in their own field.

Feng shui artist Lizanne Uychaco pays tribute to the Victorious and Powerful Horse in her exhibit dubbed "At Full Gallop”. Known for painting the art of good fortune, Lizanne renders the majestic horse on canvas using bold colors in contemporary style. Also on exhibit are Lizanne's collection on subjects considered lucky such as the dragon and the prosperity tree.

In "Symphony of Good Forture", Manuel Baldemor explores a range of Oriental themes inspired by his various trips to China. He paints the Great Wall of China in charming landscapes made more beautiful by delicate cherry blossoms. Also included are portraits of the famed terra cotta warriors and a stunning 4 x 8 foot rendition of lotuses as only Baldemor can execute.

Sherwin Tan creates his minimalist paintings with brushstrokes that call calligraphy to mind. His exhibit, "Adonai" (the Hebrew word for God), is a tribute to his faith and his continuing mission to share the message of hope to others. The trademark red dot in each of his pieces symbolizes the sun, the symbol of hope.
In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Horse is characterized by speed, power and good fortune. During a horse year, events happen so fast and it is believed that whoever can keep up with the pace and grab the opportunities will be rewarded with fast victories, fortune and power.

Throughout China's long history, no animal has affected the turn of events more than the horse. Since it was first domesticated more than 5,000 years ago, the horse has been both a useful beast burden and an important "weapon" in warfare. With Nomadic tribes surrounding the vast country, China's very survival depended on its equestrian prowess. The horse was so revered that emperors and great generals were buried with their favorite horse and chariot so they can be with them in the next life.

The horse is so important to the Chinese that it is depicted in Chinese mythology as being associated with the dragon with both thought capable of flying and carrying their riders to the "home of the immortals."

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