Dominique Cojuangco for BENCH Body Whitening Lotion Made with Nanobright Technology

Dominique Cojuangco as the newest image model for BENCH Body Whitening Lotion Made with Nanobright Technology.

 newest endorsers Andi Manzano, Dominique Cojuangco and Sam Rodriguez

It was a spectacular night at the Bench Tower weeks ago during the launched of its newest Bench Body Collection and the introduction of their newest image models. Bench Body has proudly gave us the Bench Body Whitening Lotion made with Nanobright Technology that promises to make our skin more lighther than we expected and more silky that we will love. Bench Body came out with three new whitening products - Hydra White is both a whitening and hydrating lotion with milk, Vitamin B and 48-hour lock moisture, promises to lighten the user in 7-days. Sam Rodriguez, loves this variant and says its not sticky. Hydra White also helps to repair dry and rough skin.

uber supportive father - Tony Boy Cojuanco, and a friend

Ben Chan and very supportive mother Gretchen Barretto

Another variant - Bench/ Body Supra White, the most intensed whitening lotion in the line with nano encapsulated glutathione and SPF10 that promises whiter skin also in 7 days with sun protection, which Dominique Cojuangco loves. I might be a little favor with Dominique but I can't help to adore her beauty. The more you looked at her in every angle, the more you will discover her intensive beauty. Came back from London where she is currently pursuing her education, she's now a proud Bench Body and also her present at the party her loving and ever supportive parents, Gretchen Barretto and Tony Boy Cojuangco.

 ... with her loving family and friends

Nature White endorcer Andi Manzano is not present during the launch (sad part), but the product shines bright like the others. Natur White gives you a light and fresh feeling best for sensitive with papaya based, and natural extracts and promises to give you an alluring white skin in 7 days. 

I am intrigue with the 7-days promise, so like a curious cat, I wanna try it! And whatever you say, Dominique is my fave :)

Bench Body Whitening Lotion are now available in all your favorite Bench Store nationwide.


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