The Yogurt Revolution: Creamy Delight Yogurt

Yogurt is a lifestyle choice. As a snack or as a meal partner, it may seem that living with it is just as good as living without. It is considered a luxurious snack given its price point, especially when compared with other food options. Who are most likely to be seen toting a cup? Gym rats, fitness buffs, and the health conscious, who are often use the healthy snack as a guilt-free “indulgence.”

But all this is about to change with Creamy Delight, which is at the forefront of a yogurt revolution in the country.

Now, you no longer need to be a health buff to enjoy a yogurt fix. What’s better, you don’t need to deal with the common flavor connotations of yogurt to indulge in a cup. With Creamy Delight, you can enjoy the perks of being healthy, having the energy to push through the day, and indulging in a delightful snack or dessert. With four variants to choose from, you can mix and match your meals with any Creamy Delight flavor, helping you get on the road to a healthier, better you without having to break the bank, and all while enjoying flavors suited to the Filipino palate.

As ABI Pascual’s country manager Ricardo Antunes puts it, “Filipinos have a unique taste profile.” Not only do we stereotype yogurt as refrigerated, sour, and perishable but we also don’t make it a part of our lifestyle because it is not a common household item. But with the use of pasteurization technology, yogurt is now accessible to more Filipinos because there is no need for our product to be refrigerated.

Compared with non-pasteurized yogurt, pasteurized yogurt is heat-treated so it retains its characteristics and nutritional value for a longer period. It also doesn’t need refrigeration so it can be sold in places without a cooling system, making it available to more people. With its nutritional value, a cup of pasteurized yogurt can give you enough energy to finish your overtime at the office or go the extra mile with your workout. You can get the energy push you need while enjoying the optimum health benefits of your yogurt snack.

The hope of getting yogurt as a main choice in snacks in the country is up and alive with Creamy Delight’s yogurt revolution. With a price as low as Php15 per cup, everyone can now experience the healthy-kind-of-happy in a cup.


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