Home Cooked-Meal: English Hemmings Beef and Pork Pasta with Veggies

They say that cooking is another way of expressing your thoughts and feelings - when we feeling happy and light, it inspire us to make delicious dishes, experiment on different ingredients and discover a new taste. On the other hand, when we feel lonely and sad, our way of cooking changes. It may turn to a different taste, in an unexpected outcome, even though we all know that we did the right thing. And even we thought that everything is in a right place and order, only a person with a genuine heart could see what do you truly feel and think, when you are cooking.
These are the first dish that my Dada taught me. We called it The English Hemmings Beef and Pork Pasta with Veggies, and we paired it with a simple veggie salad with sweet honey mustard dressing. For some, cooking pasta is very simple and a no-brainer dish. But each time I'm preparing and cooking it, and got the right taste, plus seeing my Dada with his proud and sweet smile after tasting, it makes me so happy. It is very fulfilling seeing someone you cared most being proud on whatever you are doing. That makes me inspired and feel motivated to learn more (and wishing to be more knowledgeable) in cooking.

250grams of ground beef, and 250 grams of ground pork.
250grams of Clara Ole Spaghetti Sauce in Bacon and Cheese Flavor.
250grams of Clara Ole Spaghetti Sauce with Three Cheese Flavor
Olive oil
Ground black pepper
some spices like rosemary, and thymes.
Any pasta noodles will do, but we've chose to use these spiral pasta noodles (I'm not sure the exact name of this kind of pasta noodles) because of its attractive colors.

Vegetable ingredients:
slices of white onions, green broccoli, green bell pepper, carrots and slices of mushrooms.

And here are for our salad - again all vegetables, with sweet honey-mustard dressing 

After heating the pan and putting some right amount of olive oil, I've sauté the ground beef and pork, until its well done. Then I've drained the excess oil. Then I've mixed the vegetables and add some seasonings, while continuously mixing it. When the meat and vegetables are all mixed up, I added the spaghetti sauce and mixed it thoroughly. Then let it simmer in about 15 to 30mins, until its done.  While waiting for the pasta sauce to cooked, preparing a pasta noodles is what I did. 

I've never tried cooking something until my Dada taught me how to do it. I also admit that I don't have a magical hands in this division but applying what I've learned from him helps a lot. Starts from shopping for the right ingredients making sure its the fine or good quality, no matter the price is; the way of slicing each vegetables and meat (sometimes it's tedious, but I find it fascinating); even the proper ways of mixing the ingredients, and sprinkling some spices. Indeed, cooking is another form of art, a way of life.

*Photos captured using iPhone5



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