Kawaii in Manila 2: The First Philippine Kawaii Convention

The meaning of Kawaii has gone beyond its original sense. It is no longer just a word that means “cute,” “pretty” or “adorable” in Japanese. Kawaii is now considered a global phenomenon because of its great influence in art, fashion, beauty and even food

It is not just an appreciation for all things cute and fun but also a way of looking at the world in a happy and positive light. Kawaii is a culture enjoyed by many people from all over the world including the Philippines.

In 2013, the ultimate kawaii experience was brought to the Philippines through “Kawaii in Manila” – a kawaii lifestyle workshop filled with a variety of kawaii-related activities. Following the success of the workshop, the Kawaii Philippines team decided to take the ultimate kawaii experience to a whole new level by staging the first ever Kawaii convention in the world this coming September 6, 2014 – Kawaii in Manila 2!

Kawaii in Manila is a day-long affair dedicated to promoting the interest and appreciation for the Japanese kawaii culture through various kawaii-related programs and activities. It’s an event that aims to unite people who share a common interest in Japanese culture, animation, fashion, and everything in between!

This time, on its 2nd run, Kawaii in Manila has become bigger and better as it brings Japanese brands (such as Lucy Pop - Japanese schoolgirl uniform) all the way from Japan! Kawaii in Manila 2 takes you to a magical portal where you can experience cuteness through this year’s Philippine fair x Japanese matsuri (festival) theme.

Several interesting kawaii specialty shops, workshops contests and activities await everyone. It is also an avenue for kawaii enthusiasts who want to showcase their creativity through art, fashion and photography. Kawaii in Manila 2 is here to show everyone how wonderful a kawaii world can be.

Live music performance by Reese Lansangan & Gentle Universe
Live art by Rian Gonzales
Fashion show of Japanese/kawaii-inspired local brands -- Forestale, Dorotee Sweetlips, Dolly Kaye, La Princesse Doll
Kawaii Art Exhibit showcasing illustrations of talented illustrators from all over the world
DIY Workshops – Polymer Clay Workshop by Provenance 1800 Designs and Crafts and Lettering Workshop by Abbey Sy
Fashion Streetsnaps by Chai Mungcal
Best-dress Contest
Event Highlights:
Harajuku Fashion Show ft. Candy Kawaii Lover / Tokyo-based blogger Ashley Dy (Josiah Chua label for DOG Harajuku, etcetera)
Kawaii Girl Contest – a contest where cute and creative girls can showcase their talents and present to the audience their own interpretation of what it means to be kawaii
Ikemen Guy Contest – a contest where cool and nice-looking guys can showcase their skills and present to the audience their own interpretation of what it means to be ikemen
Presentation / talk by Kawaii.PH founders

Kaila Ocampo
 Anne Kate Pinero
 Chichi Romero
 Reese Lansangan
 Kaye Romero
 Mikee Yboa

Kawaii Philippines is composed of young, passion-driven, creative and persistent individuals who have formed together because of their common interest in Japan’s kawaii culture. Together, they are on a mission to spread the love and appreciation for the kawaii culture in the Philippines!

When Japan-based Filipino Kawaii Lifestyle Blogger, Kaila Ocampo (www.the.rainbowholic.me), was appointed by NHK World Kawaii International to be one of the "Kawaii Leaders in the World" together with chosen delegates from other countries, she inspired and ignited her readers and friends’ interest in Japan’s kawaii culture. And one of them is her dear friend from the Philippines, Anne Kate Pinero. Together, the two came up with the idea of spreading their love for the cute culture in their hometown.

The duo gathered their friends in the Philippines who share the same appreciation for the kawaii culture and dream of bringing the kawaii experience in the country and together, they produced their very first project, a kawaii lifestyle workshop called “Kawaii in Manila.” Although the workshop was only catered to a small group of girls, Kawaii in Manila turned out to be huge success that resonated well in social networking sites. It did not only gain favorable feedback locally, but kawaii lifestyle enthusiasts from all over the globe have been requesting for a workshop as well in their respective countries! Following the success of the workshop, the team created Kawaii Philippines, an online platform where they can promote the kawaii culture and show that the kawaii experience is just within each Filipino’s reach. Now, the Kawaii Philippines team is taking a huge leap and bigger challenges by holding the first ever kawaii convention here in the Philippines, Kawaii in Manila 2!

Ticket Prices:
Pre-order: 150 PHP
 Door price: 170 PHP

Contact Details:
For more details, please visit: http://convention.kawaii.ph/

Don Chino Roces Ave.
2314 Don Chino Roces Avenue Ext. (formerly Pasong Tamo Ext.)
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


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