COCA-COLA® lights up every corner of the Philippines to bring Christmas closer to communities

Coca-Cola Philippines recently marked its most unique holiday campaign just yet. From the streets of Manila to downtown Bacolod, all the way to Tacloban, Pampanga, Batangas, and Davao, streets were lit up. People celebrated the coming of Christmas in Share Sari-Saring Happiness Day, with the participation of more than 400,000 stores owned by women entrepreneurs whose businesses have been touched by country’s leading beverage brand.

 From Santa Claus and the visual treat that is the Coca-Cola

COCA-COLA® Barangay Salu-Salo Mechanics

Promo Duration:
 - November 4: Start of the promo
 - Extended to November 30: Last Day of Posting Parols on-line
 - Nov. 21 to December: Noche Buena Feast in your barangay

How To Join:
 - Anyone (12 yrs old and above) can join the contest
 - Recycle: Just collect used non-returnable bottles, caps, crowns, and labels and make your own Parol (show video how)
 - Post your Parols in social networking sites: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter then post what city you are from along with #SariSaringHappiness

Criteria For judging:
 - Use of Coca-Cola bottles, caps, crowns, and labels: 50%
 - Design and creativity: 50%

 Prize: Barangay Blow-out / Noche Buena Feast!
 - There will be 5 winners per region (GMA, SOL, NOL, VIS, MIN), for a total of 25 winners
- Winners will be announced in social networking sites and TV Shows. Coca-Cola Far East Limited’s (CCFEL) Third Party Agency (TPA)
 - Winners will be contacted through private message by Coca-Cola Far East Limited’s (CCFEL) Third Party Agency (TPA) where they may register which barangay they are from.
- Each Parol winner’s Barangay is entitled to a Barangay Blow-out worth Php 100,000 (Food and beverages)
- The Barangay Blow-out is entitled to the winner’s barangay based on his or her reply to the private message . Only the barangay registered will receive the barangay blow-out prize. Non transferable and cannot be converted to cash.
- A venue and date will be agreed on by CCFEL’s TPA and the barangay
 - Brgy Blow-out may happen anytime from Nov 21 to Dec. 30
 Five-hundred (500) people will be allowed to enter the Brgy. Blow-out venue
- Each person must have a Brgy Blow-out coupon to be able to enter the venue. This will be distributed by CCFEL’s TPA in coordination with the barangay

 *The exact specifications or viands of the food items and beverages will be selected and determined at the sole discretion of CCFEL

For more information, visit Coca Cola Philippines website at


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