Michael Bastian Delivers American Prep for His Men's Fall/Winter Collection 2015

Michael Bastian Delivers American Prep for His Men's Fall/Winter Collection 2015

Rather than show on a runway this season, American designer Michael Bastian opted for a presentation this week in Milan, showcasing his trademark style of preppy designs and tailored looks in a more casual environment. This season was a collection of collegiate designs complete with inspiration from the rowing team to the chemistry nerds. Well-tailored outfits were reminiscent of East Coast prep, while fun accessories and kitschy sweaters kept everything feeling fresh. It’s what we could imagine Ralph Lauren presenting if he was about 30 years younger.

Slim cargo pants were mixed with blazers and baseball hats, bow ties popped out from beneath winter jackets and sweatpants were paired with fur trimmed coats. It was a very cohesive collection, one that could be mixed and matched with itself a hundred times over—depending, of course, on how liberal one is with their wardrobe. Most prints and patterns were small and easily styled, while other pieces, like a pair of bright mustard trousers, would be better suited for the fashion savvy. Attention-grabbing knitwear was emblazoned with the words “Hug Me” and “New York City” or had pictures of lions and traffic lights.

For a fall/winter line, the collection was rather bright, dabbling in black or navy only when it came to outerwear, with the majority of the collection held together with cognac, red and hunter green. It was casual in shape and structure, but still well-tailored with cropped ankles and slim fit blazers. Youthful additions like busy neckwear, bright socks, and trendy caps gave the collection personality and reminded us of our own school days.


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