Have Your Heard About the So-Called Yaya Meal (or Nanny's Meal) of Balesin?

So what is this Yaya's Meal we've seen buzzing online and disturbing the most wonderful week of the season?

Apparently, fashion designer / entrepreneur mom Maggie-Wilson Consunji is furious and disappointed online as she shared her family's experience, including her son's yaya (or nanny) during their stay at this exclusive island club Balesin. 

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According to Coconuts Manila, Maggie Wilson-Consunji posted an update regarding the 'yaya meal' incident. Apparently it was her mother who wanted to order the same thing as the nanny but wasn't allowed because...it was a 'yaya's meal.' See the screen cap below:

Hmmm sounds offensive, right? Not every one is free to order the food they want

Also this morning of Black Saturday, Maggie is ranted on Facebook about how Balesin wouldn’t let her son Connor’s yaya order a regular meal. Instead, they offered her a ‘yaya’s meal.’

Turns out that the so-called yaya meal is has always been available in the exclusive members' only club menu, since its started operating last year.

“Of course we treat yayas as guests but the 'yaya meal' [option] was requested by members who don’t want to pay the full guest rate for their help,” said Jason of reception when Coconuts Manila called to clarify.

There are two types of 'yaya meals' in Balesin Island. In the main restaurants, members can order the 'yaya meal' which is chicken or pork adobo with rice. Alternatively, members can opt for a package that comes when availing of the yaya’s room. Pay an extra PHP200 a day and yaya can get 3 meals in the employees’ cafeteria.

There are 22 restaurants in the 500-hectare island, some 21 kilometers southeast of Polillo in Quezon Province. All villages in the island have one dining place, where the 'yaya meal' is available.

Aside from the yaya meal, Maggie also shared the No Credit Card, No Eat Rule of Balesin

These sad news are starting to spread like wildfire online, and mixed emotions are started flying.

It is indeed to sad to know that DISCRIMINATION is existing especially to us Filipinos are so FURIOUS when our fellow countrymen are being discriminated by other races. It is shameful to admit that this is happening in our own country, particularly to our household helps.

It is also MORE SHAMEFUL AND IN-HUMANE for those members' of this exclusive club only feed their household help that 'yaya meal' knowing that without these people, they probably wouldn't survive juggling everything. We hope that the Balesin Management will sort this out, because the company's REPUTATION IS ON RISK.

Anyway, we've digging our instagram feed about the Balesin experience and JUST FOR FUN, we are sharing you what should be the YAYA MEAL.

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So what do you think about the yaya meal? 
Do you also feed your household help a different food than yours?


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