On Gay Marriage and the Hypocrisy of Society

Gay Marriage. Photo credit: instagram.com/lkbzk

Just a little warning for my bad words and this post is kind of lengthy

It’s been a week that my Facebook and other social media feeds are flooded by these unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes it feels so irritating seeing lots of colors – but that’s how celebrations are.

Without colors (literally and figuratively) it will never be called a celebration – and even though I didn’t join the millions of people around the world who changed their profile photos with rainbow filter (seriously, I want my face shown visible), I’m one of the people around the world who celebrate (deep inside) that a CHANGE happen – A GOOD CHANGE.

Despite of million people celebrating The Pride and the legalization of Gay Marriage in 50 states of America, there are still millions of people who are opposed (and felt the cringe) for this monumental change.

Gay couples can now get married in the United States and can enjoy the same rights and privileges like the normal couples.

Philippines, is one of the countries around the world particularly in Asia that have emerging of gay / lesbian people. And despite of our undying love-affair with the United States, Philippines is still far from it – really far. No matter how we are glad to accept their existence and treat them as equals, our national law (guided by strict and hypocrisy religious beliefs) treated them still an outcast.
I’ve read some articles and blogs online, trying to get both sides of the arguments.

Then this morning, I came across with Xiaxue’s post expressing her thoughts about gay marriage.

And I was like, “this is a good read.”

I decided to write my opinions too, in the Philippine scenario.

I just get tired of reading these usual staged OOTDs of these lame bloggers and it’s a change to write something about what’s really going on in our society other than flashy shopping bags, and your make-up purchases that surely (you just don’t tell your readers) causes you breakouts and acnes. (I'll make a separate blog post about this).

So here’s my response to the legalization of gay marriage. I know it is not really my issue, but I have gay and lesbian friends that I love, and I want them to be treated well.

Anyway, here you go.

Again, warning for my choice of words and sometimes (my wrong grammar), okay?



Whatever religions you have, all says the same that only a man and a woman were created by GOD and no mentions of gay and lesbians.

Because of our religious beliefs that our society and our parents inculcate us, we as an individual’s stop us to be happy and to live freely for who we truly are. As our country being the only Roman Catholic place in Asia, being gay is still intolerable to the most eyes of the society – well even to their very own (biological) parents.

I’d say if these parents can’t accept and stand the possibility of their child to be a gay or lesbian, then why they choose to get pregnant and adds up the increasing population? Why still choose to release those horniness and gain children, and soon you’ll deny because one of your child is gay?

If you people think this way then better have a vasectomy because there are enough negative things in the world and it’s too polluted already.

Or better yet, you should tiao lau (jump-off) the building.

I’m so sick of this argument, which religious people say only to justify their reasons. Seriously, how come we become so overly populated in this world if Adam and Eve and their sons and daughters don’t fuck each other and have more children? Seriously, even I myself don’t exist if they didn’t fuck like hamsters.

And for our additional info, homosexuality also happens with animals, so meaning it is quite natural.




Marriage is a like a business contract for both parties - it is a valid form of security and insurance.

There is a sad scenario like a gay couple is living together as under a common-law marriage (Live-in), and have successfully invested for their future. One day, the partner got sick and died. Since they are not legally married and the joint properties are named after the deceased partner, all his properties will be inherited by the parents who shamed on them. The living partner will not inherit any.

photo credit: instagram.com/lkbzk

.... And other things like parents denying their gay son and sending them away. And when this son becomes successful in life and has a fat bank account and properties all over the country, his parents are starting to reconcile with him. And as a poor son craving for his parents, of course he will accept.

I’d say these types of parents are full of God damn shit. Literally and figuratively.

You send him away because he’s gay and now that he’s successful you will accept him and call him as YOUR SON? Seriously, FUCK OFF!



I personally think that gay and lesbian couples who decided to have children should be rewarded too.

It’s a huge decision and next step for their relationship and having children needs a lot of consideration, just like a normal couples do.

Anyway, since gays can’t make their own babies, and so the lesbians they either decide to have it via artificial insemination (which is still rare and needs a lot of funding, of course) or the easiest is having an adoption.

But adoption is granted by law for the soon-to-be parents who are capable of giving a good future and care for the children.

That’s why a single person is having a hard time to have a legal adoption approval, unlike if you are a couple.

Gay / lesbian couple should also be granted this privilege of having kids. Actually they should be rewarded too, because they could help these poor children to have a proper care and better future.

If others will think that these children will grow up as gays and lesbians too because of their parents are, here’s what I’m going to say…


You have no right to deny these couples who are ready and committed to provide future for these poor children!

The most disgusting situation is, these horny normal couples who just fuck like rabbits (or hamsters) and just and they can’t provide food for their dozens of kids.

Shame on you, for these couples who just spread and continuing being irresponsibly horny, the main reason why we're overly populated!

And shame on you, for these horny young people who just fuck whomever they want and when something’s happen, and got pregnant these women will cry for help or justice. And after giving birth, since the mother have no means to take care her child, she will send it to her parents (or worst for adoption) so she can live freely and move on with her own life.

And for those couples who chose not to bear children (biological or thru adoption) then what’s the point of getting married? Ahh you’ll say for companionship…

Another big shame on you.

Why these couple are enjoying the rights and privileges of being married if they have no plans to bear children. Why don’t these couple should waive they rights and give it to the other couples (gays and lesbians) who are willing and ready to provide.


Why in this country, a man and a woman are permitted to live together and enjoy the common-law marriage, whereas gay and lesbian couples can’t?

Seriously, lots of hypocrisy is going on here.

On separation, annulment and divorce (although there is no divorce in the Philippines), children are the ones largely affected during their parents’ doing, especially if it’s a nasty one. 

And legally speaking, when you are legally married, couples are not just separate ways literally. They need to discuss of separation of assets and properties, children’s custody, etc. etc. And it’s a tough decision.

Gay couples are ready for these consequences and also committed to the possibilities, because they also want to build their own family. When things go wrong, and the gay parents will have a hard time to do it because they are legally bonded.

Stop those double standards for the normal couples. Grow up!



Do you know exactly how much is the cost of getting your dream wedding, will all those flowers, and table arrangements, booking your dream venue, the reception full of champagnes, and those over flowing gifts per se, not to mention your dream wedding dress?

Getting married is freaking expensive!

And just like normal couples, gay couples are a HUGE market!

Think about how many gays and lesbians couples around the world, and I know most of them are capable to spend more and celebrate their love.

Think about how much they could cash on for those six-tier cakes and for wedding lavish venue.

Indeed, gay couples contribute largely to the economy of the country. Not only for weddings – gay parties and concerts, gay tourism, gay shopping, gay couple packages, etc. etc.

These people are undeniably well-spenders, and they are the target of smart businesses. Surely, denying these people is equivalent to saying NO for their cash, and no businesses will say NO for big CACHING!



Well at the end of the day, this sums up why there are lots of people still opposing on gay marriage. Of course sex is part of marriage and that’s given and it’s couples business.

Try to ask a gay guy to lick cunts, and a lesbian to suck cocks, and you will see their expression of disgust on their faces.

It is not their preferences, the same us heterosexuals so let’s mind our own business, okay?

These are fucking disgusting!

photo grab circulated from Facebook, wherein very young stupid Filipinos partying like adults.

What are more disgusting is seeing a straight woman partying wildly drunk along with these random guys and publicly abusing her body worst fucking her in public with these guys cheering, and now circulating her deeds on social media.

Yeah, so classy and your parents are so proud of you. Bravo!


This might sound really tough but…


First of all, it’s so unhealthy and adds pollution to this beautiful world, okay?

Second, those hypocrite straight people who partied for weeks in support (duh) of #Pride.. I’d say shame on you. Just admit it – a party without them is a complete lame. Seriously, partying with them just its trendy and cool, and you just want free booze and then gay-shame on your friends....

Seriously, FUCK OFF!

Thirdly, being snob and bully adds only wrinkles and ages on your faces so better stop, okay? STOP.

And to my gay and lesbian friends, you know I love you as you love me too …

Cheers for that!

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