Camera360 Launches the Ultimate Selfie App Bestie

Camera360, the global pioneer in mobile photography, launched Bestie today, a dedicated new selfie app that eliminates all the fuss over taking photos and allows you to take the best selfie every time.

Bestie provides an impressive selfie experience with a number of fun and easy to use features.
Smart Skin Smoothing allows users to preview the changes and adjust between five different levels in real time.
Bestie also offers 26 selfie filters that are specially designed for photos taken in different settings and moods. Each filter, with girl names beginning with every letter of the alphabet, is a representation of unique personality and style. With the noise reduction function for the auto night mode, users can snap stunning selfies even in a low-light environment. Additionally, the powerful editing tool enables users to apply more detailed enhancement to their selfies.
Other features optimized for selfie taking include vignette and blur to highlight the focus of the image, switching filters easily with one click or a simple left-right screen slide, touch screen photo capturing, and much more.
The aim of creating this new selfie app is to serve the increasing number of selfie lovers as taking selfies today has become a ubiquitous trend. With over 450 million users worldwide, Camera360 has witnessed a huge demand among its users, especially female users, for a sophisticated yet easy to use selfie app.
"Bestie is created to enhance the overall selfie experience," said Xu Hao, CEO of Camera360. "There should be some emotional connections between users and the app. We hope Bestie will be users' best friend, with which they can feel comfortable and express their feelings and emotions freely to."
The launch of Bestie, alongside with the introduction of the Camera360 selfie stick earlier this year, represents another step forward in Camera360's strategy to build an ecosystem of digital tools and services for the mobile photography community.
Bestie is available on Android and iOS now.

About Camera360
Camera360 is a technology and art company building an ecosystem of digital tools and services for the creative community worldwide to capture, compose and share beautiful moments of their lives.

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