Mid-Autumn Festival 2015: 10 Places to Buy Delicious Mooncakes in Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner and it wouldn't be complete without getting together with family and also sharing the sumptuous mooncake.

The sharing of round mooncakes among family members symbolizes the completeness and unity of family. If you are in Hong Kong, here's our top places where you could find your favorite mooncakes for this coming festival. You may also like to check our top 10 list of mooncakes in Singapore here.
Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

Durian lovers, your cravings will be satisfied this festival.

Hotel ICON has fashioned another delight upon the legacy of The Market’s popular durian ice-cream. Executive Pastry Chef, Danny Ho, creatively combined the sensation of durian ice-cream with a festive touch to birth our new durian ice-cream mooncake.

100% handmade, it is a mosaic of three types of quality durians: fruity Musang King, dense D24, and sweet D101 directly shipped from Malaysia. The ice-cream itself is composed of 80% pure durian fruit. Natural ingredients from France and chocolate from Switzerland are also used to accentuate the ultimate smoothness of durian in the cake.

Only 1,000 boxes are available, be sure to catch this limited royal treat with the King of Fruits!

How to order:
Ordering: 1 Aug – 10 Sep 2015
Collection: 10 – 27 Sep 2015
Phone: 3400 1388 (shortcut-keys 135)
Email: book.restaurant@hotel-icon.com
Website: Hotel Icon Hong Kong
Hello Kitty Dining Hong Kong

Besides mooncakes, macaroons could be a more modern choice of gift for Mid-Autumn Festival, especially to youngster and the little ones!
Guess they must love these Hello Kitty Mid-Autumn Festival macaroons than traditional mooncakes.
Vouchers are now on sale until September 12 at Hello Kitty Dining Hong Kong, and redemption period is from September 13 to 27, 2015.
Hello Kitty Dining Hong Kong is located at Shop 1, G/F 2A Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
Wang Yue Mooncakes
This year, a local mooncake brand Wang Yue has collaborated with Sanrio to launch Limited Edition Hello Kitty Egg Custard Mooncakes. Other than hello Kitty, what makes this mooncakes so special?
The chef behind the scene, Chef Yip, is the original creator of mini egg custard mooncakes during his job as the dim sum head chef of Peninsula Hotel Group in the 80's. Both wooden box version and paper box with mini wooden mold are priced at HK$368.
Guess this would be one of the best gift to Hello Kitty fans at this Mid-Autumn Festival!
Mooncakes and Tea: TWG Tea Crafts a Perfect Match
TWG Tea shares four of its most distinctive tea blends in the spirit of the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival, each intricately crafted to be savoured in perfect company with a traditional or snowskin mooncake. Setting the trend for this year is the luxurious blend of Jade Dragon Tea, Singapore Breakfast Tea, Silver Moon Tea and Longevity Tea each offering a unique and contemporary presentation of flavours and subtle fragrances created exclusively to balance the richness of mooncakes this festive season.
Tycoon Tann
Couldn't score the Rolls Royce of mooncakes --the egg custard variety from the Peninsula's Spring Moon? Keep up the subterfuge that you are a classy candidate for their daughter/son's affections by presenting the egg custard mooncake set from Tycoon Tann (HK$338 per box).
Drawing from Chinese tradition, the box has three sections symbolizing the natural elements of heaven, earth and humans.

Where to get it: 74 Wellington Street, Central, 3125-3228
K11 Shopping Mall
Got parents watching their diet? They will love K11's Mooncake gift set (HK$398 per box), which are traditional varieties with egg yolk and white lotus paste, made with low sugar. Collaborating with historic mooncake masters at Tai Tung Bakery -- which has 70 years' experience under its belt -- the mooncake set is packed in a decorative box with designs painted by Paula Ng, a budding artist from the HKAPA.
Where to get it: 18 hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 3118-8070.

Duddell's Mooncakes
Pining after that artsy chick at work? Bring in a box of the highly coveted mooncakes from Duddell's, which has collaborated with artist Frog King for his signature "froggy stamp" designs. Each box (HK$328) comes with six cream custard mooncakes and an autographed artwork, which should make for some above-average water cooler flirtation.

Where to get it: Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central, 2525-9191.
InterContinental Grand Stanford HK
Renowned for its exquisite collection of handcrafted mooncakes, InterContinental Grand Stanford now sells not only its ever-popular traditional creations, but also a brand-new and exclusive single malt chocolate whisky mooncake. Delivering an exciting infusion to the modern palate, these mooncakes are made to impress. Go easy on them though – they’re pure cocoa indulgence.
70 Mody Rd, 2731 2883; hongkong.intercontinental.com.
Fook Lam Moon
Fook Lam Moon’s classic moon cake (HK$680 per box) offers a taste of an old favorite –traditional and loyal to the craft of mooncake making. There’s also mini custard mooncakes available, as well as FLM Signature mooncakes: A healthier alternative made with a natural seaweed sugar.

Where to get it: Various Locations including 53-59 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2366-0286
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is proud to present a coveted selection of mooncakes with brand new packaging to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, a moment denoted by the traditional Chinese calendar to honour familial unity through sharing and offering. The limited selection of delectable treasures are now available for pre-order and will be the perfect addition to this period of heartfelt celebration.

FULL MOON BOX (priced at HK $398)
Authentic white lotus seed purée with two salted egg yolks
BRIGHT MOON BOX (priced at HK $368)
Set of eight mini milk custard mooncakes
JADE MOON BOX (priced at HK$388)
Eight mini green tea custard cakes

The whole series together will be launched in brand new packaging, presenting stylish and handy boxes bathed in hues of silver, gold and red of the full bright moon.

A premium ensemble of two creative flavours: Milk custard with bird’s nest and Ginger custard with salted egg yolk designed by Executive Chinese Chef Li Shu Tim.





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