Mom and Baby Newest Bestfriend: Cetaphil baby

Cetaphil Baby

(Manila, Philippines) After 68 years of taking care of Filipino skin, Cetaphil brings you a line specifically developed to care of your baby’s normal skin – exactly like how a mother’s loving touch will be. Backed by decades of world-class skincare science, Cetaphil introduces the arrival of Cetaphil Baby to provide the best in skincare that a baby deserves everyday.
Remember that first touch, that first look, and that first smile of your newborn? Cetaphil Baby is your partner through the magical beginnings of motherhood. Because every mother’s touch is filled with care, love, and passion, Cetaphil Baby will care for your little one’s skin just the way a mother does. 
The brand comes in a complete skincare line with Gentle Wash & Shampoo, Ultra-moisturizing Bath & Wash, Massage Oil, Daily Lotion, Shampoo and Baby wipes to ensure that a mother’s loving touch is always accompanied by a world-class, trusted product. Designed for easy application, the complete line is paraben-free, free from minerals, gentle on the skin, and mild to cater to every baby with normal skin. .
Cetaphil Baby believes that the bond between a mother and her baby is unbreakable and so should the products that come into their relationship. The long wait for a baby product that extends the mother’s touch is now over, as Cetaphil Baby is now available at your leading drugstore and supermarket nationwide.

1. Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo, with Glycerin and Panthenol
A baby’s head deserves more than just any shampoo. Cetaphil’s Gentle Wash & Shampoo is tear free, soap free, hypoallergenic, and PH balanced to make sure baby has an easy and gentle bath. It effectively soothes and moisturizes dry normal baby skin.

2. Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Bath and Wash, with Aloe Vera and Almond Oil
Bath time has never been this fun. With Cetaphil Baby’s Ultra Moisturizing Bath and Wash, baby doesn’t just get his bonding time with mommy, but also the much-needed moisture for his delicate normal baby skin. Formulated with aloe vera, almond oil, and 1/3 lotion, it gently cleans your baby’s skin without drying. Apart from being tear free and soap free, it is also hypoallergenic and PH balanced.

3. Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil, with Shea Butter
Give your child the best body massage with a mother’s loving touch and the best product that can help seal in much-needed moisture. Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil has shea butter and vitamin E to preserve baby’s skin barrier, and is hypoallergenic to provide your baby with an “active seal.” It protects, nourishes, and moisturizes your baby’s normal skin throughout the day.

4. Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion, with Shea Butter
All babies need added moisture because of their undeveloped skin barrier. Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion has shea butter to preserve the skin barrier and to provide moisture that lasts throughout the day. It soothes and nourishes baby’s normalskin and protects it from dryness.

5. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo, with Natural Chamomile
Unlike adults, baby’s hair is more delicate and must be handled with utmost care. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo’s Natural Chamomile has a tear-free, and soap-free formulation, making bath time a pleasant experience for both mother and baby.

6. Cetaphil Baby Ultra Sensitive Baby Wipes (Fragrance Free)
The Ultra Sensitive Cetaphil Baby Wipes is perfect for babies with Delicate normal skin. It has soothing Aloe Vera, cotton extract and  Vitamin E which helps prevent nappy rash to develop. 



  1. Great review, I never heard of this brand, will take a closer look at it. Thanks for sharing.


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