Impressions and Review: Will I recommend VNC 3D Fiber Mascara, or NOT?

What is one beauty item that always in your make-up bag?

 Some would say Lipstick!

Some would say face powder!

Others will say lip-balm!

Or some will say " favorite mascara!"
… and why not the mascara?!
I mean, it is simple wand that makes an instant magic, to our whole face. Instantly brightening our eyes, no matter the size it is. It magically makes our eyes pop rather than look sleepy.
Let me show you another mascara that impressed me (well, almost actually)

Look at my lashes, isn’t it fantastic?!
Every one of us ladies wants to own fantastic mascara – fantastic that it gives our eyelashes the volume that we all desire and longer lasting effect! Especially if you need to have it all day, and regularly. Well, I guess you will love this mascara that I’ve got recently (being sent to me as a sample actually).
Have you heard about the 3D fiber mascara? How about the VNC Fiber 3D Mascara?

Yeah, that mascara with duo-tube in a sleek black case?
Yes that’s it!
VNC 3D Fiber Mascara is also works like our regular mascara, but just in a slight different way. As you can see there are 2 tubes – the first tube (of tube A) is a Collagen Transplanting Gel Black Mascara, while the second tube (or tube B) is the Green Tea Natural Fiber.
Combining these two, will give us the fantastic and wondrous effect, like 300% volume!

Yeah it freaks me out at first, but it’s true!
I’ll show you then.
How to use VNC 3D Fiber Mascara:

Honestly, this makes me feeling impatient at first, but then you’ll get use to it.

Tube A or the Collagen Transplanting Gel, 7ml
First, apply the Collagen Transplanting Gel (Tube A) onto your lashes the same way we use like our regular mascara. This will be the base of the Green Tea Natural Fiber (Tube B).

Tube B or the Green Tea Natural Fiber, .5 grams
Immediately, before the collagen gel gets dry, apply the Green Tea Natural Fiber (Tube B) onto your lashes. After that, apply again the first tube to seal the fibers properly and to avoid clumpy and smudging.

Apply the Tube B before the Collagen Gel gets dry.

So here’s my lashes before I’ve applied the VNC
My lashes are quite thinner and straight, it is quite dull I know and having a mascara makes a difference.
And the photos below are after I’ve applied the VNC Mascara: Take a look!

My lashes are way too thick and long! Freaks me out!

It was soo overwhelming like magic! It is not clumpy, and the fiber won’t fall as long as you’ve applied the collagen gel properly.

So the key for a volumized lashes is just 3 steps: Gel, Fiber, Gel.
You can repeat these steps until you achieve the thickness that you’ve desired. Mine got it for second round, and it is soo freaking awesome.
I’ve tried to apply it on for third rounds but, my lashes become too long it almost reached my eyeballs!
Question: If it gives you absolutely thickness, does it easily wash-off ?
Absolutely yes! VNC 3D Fiber Mascara is so easy to wash-off using our usual make-up removers. No hassle at all.

You may also read the other FAQ’s the VNC provided us:
Do the Green Tea fiber flakes / fall off in your eyes?
* No. You can wear them for up to 16 hours, and they do not smudge off under eyes, and look as good as they did when you first applied them.
Do they feel heavy or can you tell you have them on?
* No more so than regular mascara. They are not heavy at all, and kept lashes curled the entire day – total bonus.

When I put it on, my eyes look like spider eyes! What did I do wrong?
* It sounds like you are putting them on, too thick. Try applying thinner layers, and slowly building up to the length you want.
Can you sleep in them? If you sleep in them do you have to reapply as originally or do they still look good?
* Why do you want to sleep with your mascara on?! Wearing mascara (of any type of mascara, in any brand) will have a tendency to weaken your lashes health, and might cause your lashes to fall-off.

How many applications can I expect out of my set of Green Tea Fiber Lashes?
* This depends on how often and how much is applied each time. Some users had up to 80 applications out of one set of lashes.

Why am I getting fibers on my face from VNC 3D Fiber Lash Mascara?
* It only happens when you haven’t applied the transplanting gel properly. Apply the transplanting gel to the entire lash, and apply the fibers on the tips of your lashes only, then follow-up with another full coat of transplanting gel. Always, end with a coat of the mascara transplanting gel. It is what draws the fibers out for length, and seals the fibers to your lashes. Also, less fiber is more. If you wish for more length, add another coat. However, remember: gel, fiber, gel. Never end with the fiber’s step.
Is VNC 3D Fiber Lash mascara hypoallergenic / waterproof?
* Yes, it is hypoallergenic. As to waterproof, it is technically classified as water resistant.
Do I have to wear a coat of regular mascara under my 3D Fiber Las mascara?
* No. In fact, more and more choose to forego the undercoat of regular mascara. Some customers choose to use it, either because they want more fullness, in addition to length. Others use it to add a more intense, black look to it.
Can I swim with my Fiber Lashes on?
No, since fiber lashes are easily removed with warm water, it is not recommended for swimming while wearing this mascara.


VNC 3D Fiber Mascara says it has a validity of 5 years of shelf life, which actually raise my brows. Hhhmmm a typical mascara only a year of shelf life.
For other review references of these mascara, you may visit some drooling, (kiss-ass) positive reviews HERE, HERE and HERE.
... And I'm giving you a MUCH COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW. 
But this is not the first 3D Fiber Mascara in the market. Coincidentally, it was so identical with the popular Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Mascara that is available in the United States.

 (photo credit to owner)

  (photo credit to owner)
  (photo credit to owner)
As you could see, it is obviously the same! Except of the brand, the packaging and its contents are the same. You may visit the YouTube reviews of Younique here and here.
The VNC 3D Fiber Mascara cost Php1,800.00, and the Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Mascara costs $29.00 or almost just Php1,300.00, more affordable than the VNC. Probably adding to this high price are applicable taxes and shipping cost, and other charges that it's hard to explain.
Although the company who distributed VNC 3D Fiber Mascara, has an FDA Philippines approval - it doesn't answer that the product is genuine.
Actually when I’ve noticed it, it does gives me questions if VNC 3D Fiber Mascara is modelled/formed inspired of Younique, or other else. If that’s the case, to be honest even VNC works really awesome, I personally wouldn’t pay such money for this kind of mascara. But I have no judgment for others who will.


… And about few weeks ago, I’ve checked the new Younique website and they’ve changed it to sleeker packaged-design, part of their rebranding tactics.

Younique new design packaging
See -- looks different now, and no more that heavy, reading-glass-like hard case (which I find it very inconvenient) and adds up a lot of cost for a mascara. This new look -- definitely I like!
Final conclusions:

VNC 3D Fiber Mascara is quite impressive with its effect on my lashes and I think it is quite a good one. 

....with the issue of its cost, shelf life, and the identical features with Younique, I would NOT personally buy, not even for my personal use. It is a matter of my personal choice.


Hope this review helps you!

xoxo, Blair


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