The Most Awaiting TBEX Asia-Pacific 2016 Conference is Finally Be Here in the Philippines! Book Your Ticket Now!

•Are you a Travel Blogger and wish you could connect with other like-minded professionals who share your passion and do what you do?

•Have you ever wanted to take your travel writing, photography or video skills to a higher level?

•Have you ever wanted to improve the business aspects of your blogging?

•Do you want to learn new ways to monetize your content?

•Are you looking to meet new potential sponsors?

•Would you like to attract more traffic to your site?

•Have you been wanting to attend a conference where you could learn from the experts who’ve gone before you and who can show you the way?

•Have you been looking for inspiration, to recharge your batteries at a destination that’ll feed your passion for travel, writing or photography?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you’ve come to the right place! TBEX is the event you have been looking for.

As a BONUS please feel free to use and share this discount code for 20% OFF any attendee registration to TBEX16 Asia Pacific in Manila on October 13-16, 2016 at the Philippines International Convention Center.  
Secure your Industry or Travel Blogger pass now by using PROMO CODE: FRIEND20  

What are the Top 5 Reasons to attend TBEX this year?

1.Connect with like-minded peers who are just as passionate about travel and travel writing as you are. Rub shoulders with industry experts and brainstorm ideas to make more money from your blog with content creators just like you.

2.Be Inspired! Get Motivated, Refreshed and Revived so you’ll be ready to rock your blog when you return home. (Or get to the next destination you explore.)

3.Get Educated. Learn the latest blogging strategies from the best in the industry. Learn how to be a better writer. Discover how to use attention grabbing images for your blog — even if you’re not a trained professional photographer.

4.Meet Sponsors from amazing destinations, travel industry brands, marketing and PR pros from around the world who want to meet you. The Speed Networking sessions are the highlight of TBEX. You’ll get to showcase your skills as a blogger, and demonstrate how your audience is a perfect for the businesses who will benefit from your skills as a Travel Blogger.

5.Experience VIP Treatment in a city that wants your attention. Have FUN doing what you love to do: Travel. Explore the nooks and crannies from locals who know the town best. Enjoy the excitement of a new city and the cool destinations you’ll want to write about.

Don’t be left on stand-by. Join the Travel Blogging Conference everybody is talking about! Join us this year, where it’s guaranteed to be a memorable event!

PS: Contact to join us and get 20%OFF!

Register now!


  1. Thank you for this article and for the discount! We will be in TBEX Asia 2016 to connect with Bloggers and Brands. Are you going to the conference?
    Our goal is to showcase the authentic food from the region for our 6 months of travels through South East Asia. Would you have any tips on which country/region/city to visit for its authentic food?


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