Diageo celebrates World Whiskey Day
Diageo, the leader in Scotch whisky, selling just over 33 million cases every year, is proud to be championing Scotch on World Whisky Day.

Today, Scotch fans everywhere will be invited to showcase their passion through Diageo’s #lovescotch platform, which celebrates all that gives Scotch its unique character, flavor and personality.

Scotch continues to be the world’s favorite whisky, with 95 million cases sold across 256 countries .  No other spirit can offer the same range of tastes, textures and flavors. Made the same way for over five hundred years in distilleries small and large, the length and breadth of Scotland. Scotch is the pinnacle of quality - loved in every corner of the globe.

Today JOHNNIE WALKER™, is enjoyed in over 180 countries and nearly 18 million cases are sold annually, making it the most popular Scotch in the world .

Diageo’s Chief Executive, Ivan Menezes says; “We live in exciting times for the Scotch whisky category. Whether it’s served as an Old Fashioned in South Africa or as a Manhattan in New York, the continuing success of Scotch is built on its quality, integrity, and authenticity and we are confident that Scotch will continue to be the world’s favorite whisky for many years to come.”

Diageo celebrates World Whiskey Day

Around the world, consumers enjoy Scotch in many different ways.  In Europe it’s served neat, while in South America it’s enjoyed with Coconut Water and in the Caribbean with tropical juices. In the United States it’s enjoyed with Cola or as part of a cocktail, while in parts of Asia it’s enjoyed with green tea.

Diageo’s  portfolio of world famous brands and rare special editions including JOHNNIE WALKER™, HAIG CLUB™, BUCHANAN’S™, LAGAVULIN™ AND TALISKER™ are crafted by a handful of highly skilled men and women who select only the very best whiskies from our 29 distilleries and millions of maturing casks.

Diageo celebrates World Whiskey Day
Haig Club Ginger with Cucumber

Dr Nick Morgan, Diageo’s Global Head of Whisky Outreach says; “From single grain whisky, to blended Scotch the unrivalled range of tastes, textures and flavors make Scotch a versatile and exciting spirit with truly global appeal.  Created by generations of craftsmen and women throughout Scotland and supported by cutting-edge scientific research, hundreds of years of experience and knowledge go into every single drop of Scotch we make.”

So whether it’s in honour of the talented men and women who craft Scotch or the liquid itself, raise a glass and toast the world’s favorite whisky this World Whisky Day.

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