Travel Personality - Are you Like Sarah Duterte or Karlie Kloss?

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As you all know, we have experienced different means of travelling and flying / jetting is nothing new to us. And well know that in order to have a good flying experience, we should exert our effort to be well-prepared and never arrive late, whatever reason you might have.

Yesterday, the social media world was bugged with one incident when Supermodel Karlie Kloss slammed Philippine Airlines on social media, and blaming the said airline on missing her important flight from New York (PR127) to Vancouver last June 7. The said supermodel shows her dismay on her Snapshat saying:

"I travel international on a weekly basis and I have never had a worse customer experience than I have tonight. Thanks Philippine Airlines,"

travel guide, travel diva, travel personality

She also posted on her twitter account her disappointment saying:

"[Philippine Airlines] has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ALL TIME. Most BUDGET AIRLINE. Rude & disrespectful. Shame on You,"

travel guide, travel diva, travel personality

The flag carrier Philippine Airline took efforts on reaching Karlie Kloss and express their apology for supposedly giving poor customer service.

But the truth is, it wasn't the airline's fault after all.

Karlie Kloss' flight schedule departure is 12:15AM and the check-in counters at JFK closed at 11:15PM. She arrived at 11:40PM.

So here's for you KARLIE KLOSS:

travel guide, travel diva, travel personality

Take it from Gandalf - I think you should learn to work-on your schedule Karlie, or how about buy yourself an airline and airport!


Meanwhile, the our nation's first siblings SEBASTIAN and SARAH DUTERTE are patiently and humbly waiting for their flight, with no complain.

travel guide, travel diva, travel personality

Their flight might not be international - and yet, they arrived very early just not to miss their flight.

Responsible travelers doesn't blame the airline when in fact you arrived late.


Meanwhile, fellow jetsetter and Facebook user Ms. Kat Legarda published her (shady) open-letter for Karlie Kloss and expressing her apology in behalf of PAL. Her open-letter was shared 436 times on Facebook and received witty comments from her followers.

travel guide, travel diva, travel personality

So here is our question, are you like Karlie Kloss or more like Sarah Duterte? Share your opinions here!

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