Showing my dark-side - Black Swan Make-up Photo Tutorial

the glamorosity and fabuluosness of Natalie Portman in her movie Black Swan, inspired me to make this look... well this is my own rendition of  the Black Swan make-up... hope you like it guys... muah!

I've washed first my face with Ponds Facial Wash with Active Carbon, because it really deep cleanses my face. Then I toned my face with Ponds Facial toner in pink, and put some moisturizer from OLAY.
I've conceal my face to hide my blemishes and dark spots.... then put some pearly foundation.. you can use any brand of make-up..

then, using your black eyeliner/pencil, draw some line like the photo above... it's ok if you line it unevenly.. you can correct it using your fave make-up remover, then start again. 

here's the result of my lined eyes..

then using your make-up brush, put a shimmery gray eyeshadow in your entire lid. 

after that, using your fave liquid eyeliner, lined your lids in every directions you want, just imagine the feathers of the lovely swan...

close-up look... you can choose to apply your mascara.

as a finishing touch, apply you favorite bloody red lipstick.. here i use my Maybelline lipstick in Summer Sunset.. for a ballet look .. wear your little tiara... my costumes not yet done :(

make-up's that I've used:
1. shimmery gray eyeshadow
2. BB cream foundation
3. concealer stick
4. Ms Beauty lipstick #10
5. Maybelline Lipstick in Summer Sunset
6. Pearly foundation
7. blusher
8. mascara in black
9. liquid eyeliner

you can use any make-up brand... special thanks to Sarah Jane Fernandez for helping me fixing my hair. :) love you girl!

feel free to leave your comments! I would really appreciate it.. Muah!


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  1. you are talented indeed! would love to read more of you teaching us how to put on make up... for whatever occasion:) thanks!

  2. I like the way you paint your eyes...

  3. Demo photo #4 - now I can't get that out of my mind ;)

  4. I'd like to try this makeup at the office tomorrow. :D

  5. this one makes a statement in your show of the Swan Lake. salamat for this one and you did this yourself? it is a bonus already

  6. At first, I was scared of the Black Swan. In the movie, she was so dark and frightening. But as the movie progressed, I understood her better. Great way to duplicate the appearance! :)

  7. Nice swan lake make-up! you're creative. The design resembles the figure of a swan. Thus, it's called black swan!

  8. Wow, kuhang-kuha!

    I've watched the movie, and the Black Swan's eyes are very powerful.. THere was this scene where Natalie stared at the camera with those eyes.. I got goosebumps..

    And with "close-up" picture, dang.. you got it!

    Great tutorial. :D

  9. Great! I love the way you did it. This is great also for halloween. :)

  10. Wow ang galing mo! Putting make up is something so alien to me.. Wala talaga ako alam dyan.. Hehe.. And you are good at it!

  11. wow cool! love the eyes and the hair

  12. Here is mine!

    Hahahaha Hindi lang pala ako ang naloloka sa Black Swan. :)

  13. nawindang ako , akala ko cosplay hhihihi/

  14. Hey this is awesome! I find this movie a little boring but the main character was so pretty. Nice make up!

  15. Nice work! I love makeup but this is something I haven't tried yet. It's nice that sometimes you have to step out from your comfort zone and explore new things :)

  16. Hindi kinaya ng powers ko. Galing!

  17. I have no knowledge on applying makeup and you make it so easy. I can't wait to try it too, maybe my little girl and I can have fun with makeovers :)

  18. The movie is one of my most favorite Natalie Portman movie of all time. As for your make - up, I think, you did a fantastic job.


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