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Last week I have visited some stores again, but this time I when to The Fort, in Taguig City, and this boutique La Senza catch my eyes.. 

Lingerie is one of the women's thing that are worth investing for. How can I say that? 

The word lingerie means the special undergarments that women wear, not only to pamper their body, but also to appear sensuous. Lingerie epitomizes femininity and grace. Lingerie is the garment that is in direct touch with the woman. This is one reason why it is so important in a woman’s life.

However, lingerie does not include the undergarments that women wear in their daily lives. Lingerie is meant for special occasions. Exotic and sexy lingerie will only enhance the excitement and energy level of the occasion. The mood and the feelings of a woman can be gauged from the piece of lingerie that she is wearing.

 See, just like preparing for a very important occasion, picking your best lingerie also takes some consideration.. Yeah most of the lingerie are bit pricey because makers uses the best materials for their product, so as not to compromise its name and quality.

 i personally LOVE that undies-pink-polka-dots-with-garter

A woman is seen to prioritize the comfort level of the lingerie as they are closest to the woman’s body. The material and the fit of the lingerie are of utmost importance. Lingerie is made up of fabrics that are soft and supple. Such fabrics include satin, cotton, silk or hosiery. Lingerie is available in a riot of colors. 

 A woman can select the appropriate color based on her mood and the occasion. The wide range of colors also helps her match the lingerie with her clothes.

Lingerie is also made in special ranges like bridal lingerie. The trend of wearing custom made lingerie has caught on now. Many women are seen to get special lingerie made for occasions like weddings, anniversaries or honeymoons. Apart from the large number of lingerie online stores, there are some physical lingerie specialty stores available. One can visit La Senza and check out the wide range of lingeries. They have something for everyone. 

The most important thing is to check and re-check the size and make sure that it fits perfectly. There can be nothing worst than an ill-fitted lingerie. La Senza is one place that has standard size and manufactures superior quality La Senza. Their products have a warranty period and proper maintenance instructions. Buying an exquisite piece of lingerie is not enough, a woman has to take proper care of it. La Senza has a whole range of marvelous lingerie from camisoles, thongs, gowns, bikini, and demi-cup bra to leather lingerie bridal lingerie, fine lingerie and body stockings.

 now I'm fitting my choice, but of course in choosing and fitting any lingerie, always remember this sign below:

now got mine for almost $40... hhmmm not bad :)

Visit La Senza at 11th Avenue, The Fort, Taguig City 

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  1. Is that you in the photos? Like a Victoria Secret model! :=) Anyway, LOL'd at that sign about wearing undergarments while trying on lingerie!

  2. @AJ - lol yeah it's me.. and I wear my underneath while trying on my lingerie.. no worries coz, i have bought what i have tried on hehehe

  3. woah..i think i'm in place that exclusive only for women..but either way nice post..

  4. Me and my friends are always their in Serendra. That's near our school.
    by the way the undergarments there are so fine . really !

  5. La Senza is a good lingerie brand and I love most of their designs but they're horrible expensive :( That corset looks great on you though ;)

  6. parang ang mahal naman ng lingerie na yan. hehe!

  7. Love the photos.. Never seen a blog whose very informative.

  8. Tamad ako to shop for clothes but I love lingerie shops!! And I love bikinis!! ;-) haven't try this shop hope to drop by Soon! I saw some designs that I really really like! Yey!


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