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With growing world, everything is changing with greater speed. Let us discuss not going too deep  - let us talk about fashion and lifestyle of today’s, which is mostly affected. To go somewhere, the most important what to wear, which color suits me the most and what is trend. I should be look  different among the all. This is the most common and the important question. Fashion is the important aspect of the life. It is very important what you wear, should suits you. Colors are always important but it is even more important to wear what looks best on you - but it is also good to know what is going on around you when it comes to trends and how to adapt them to fit you and your own personal style. With clothes, there are also many factors that govern your lifestyle and fashion. Among the most we have going to club, playing games like online casino, slots etc. It is the part of today’s fashion world.

Fashion and personal style is all about having fun above all. Remember to go with what feels right and what makes you happy. Likewise casino world, it is the most interesting and fun living game. Playing online casino, slots, keno, poker etc follows some rule and guidelines. It is the most demanding and best way to spend time. In today’s fashion world it is most depending.

Fashion doesn’t only means taking care of clothes, playing games in club, there are still many factors that affect our lifestyle and fashion like music you listen, the way you deal with another’s and many more factor that comes under lifestyle. Playing online games like slots, poker, dressing games etc make us feel tension free and relax and listening music changes our mood. That overall affect our lifestyle. Fashion and lifestyle is important that makes our like beautiful. It fills our life with beautiful colors. Colors of truthfulness, color of music etc.


  1. Every individual has it's own fashion statements. I played casino last December when we went Knowsley Hall, England for Bonsior Paris show. Some ladies wear fancy costume (HEN DO can can dancer costume), some are wearing nightgown and formal and blacktie attire for men. Fake tan here false lashes there. It made me realised after the show that this is England and fashion is part of their lifestyle. How much more the Parisian who loves gumbling? There is no way si Inday magpapahuli sa fashion at sugal kahit 0 degree sa labas na sobrang lamig nako si Inday kaya pang maglakad kahit naka killer heels. It was great night. Hindi na lang kwentahin ang nagastos.


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