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Ey guys! how's your day going? :)

I wanna share to you guys, my cousin's note about this love-month. He's name is Carlo Villanueva, studied at Santo Tomas University and currently living at Los Angeles, California. Hope you enjoy reading it! Comments are welcome :)

my cousin, Carlo Villanueva

What is love? What does it mean to truly love someone?

As a child we were often told that love is such a wonderful thing. It is a meeting of two fated souls, destined to be forever through eternity. It is the arrival of the knight in the shining armor for the ladies. It is the Ms. Universe for the gentlemen.

We were often told that love brings you happiness, that it brings out the best and truest in you. Like instant cognition, lovers know right away that their beloved is the one for them and since it was fated to be, they will live happily ever after.

Yet, oftentimes, we find ourselves holding on to a relationship that only gives us pain and sadness. Others hold on to a relationship because they are afraid to start all over again daunted that the next person might be worse than the first. Without them knowing it, they have already wasted their time spending their similar days and nights living a life they never really wanted. And before they even realize that, it is already too late.

Some would spend their whole lifetime looking and waiting for that love they will never ever find. Why? Because without realizing it, "the one" has already come their way but they were just so busy looking and waiting.

Some have already found their love but they just overlook them. Most of the guys promise so much to their ladies when they are still courting them. But in reality, how many of these promises are kept?

But what does it mean to truly love someone? God, in John 3:16, tells us how we ought to love. Love is sacrifice. Love is unconditional. We do not love the other just because they love us in return.

When we love someone, we allow ourselves to be hurt. We don't expect to be hurt but we are ready to forgive. We hold them dear to us but we allow them to grow. We care for them even if that means sacrificing even our own happiness. We want to see them happy even if their happiness is different from ours. As long as they are happy, we think, it would somehow ease the pain we are feeling.

But why do we do all these things? It is because no matter what happens, they will always have a special place in our hearts. A place so special nobody could ever replace that spot - a void that will never be filled. A constant reminder that we loved, or are loving still.

To those people who have already found their "the one ", take good care of them. Value them. Have fun together. Grow old together.

To those people who are stuck in a relationship, know when it is time to let go and move on. There are many out there who have more to offer. You just have to be true to yourself and be open to the possibility of erring. We are humans, after all.

To those who are still waiting or looking for love, don 't lose hope. The right one will come, you will find "the one".

To those who are not contented with the love they already have, good luck to you. You will never know the true value of a person until you have lost him/her.

To the martyrs out there, have faith. Lady luck might smile at you and might finally give you what you have always longed for.

To everyone, have a good month of February. Love unconditionally. Don't do anything crazy or you will have babies on November.


  1. Love is a many splendored thing, we have different definitions of this four letter word but in the end what is important is to love, be loved and show love to all who matter to us. :)

  2. Can you truly find Love? Most people thing they can. They undergo many relationships in search for love but in the end it leaves them alone with no one to care about.

  3. There nothing I can say but AGREE !
    well said :))

  4. What an interesting person. His take on love and relationships make sense.

  5. Love is unconditional - I best agree :)

  6. It's a good feeling to love and to be loved!

  7. hahaha.. wondering if kamag anak namin kayo! same last name (mother's side).. same bayan, same pa kami school pinsan mo! lol!

    love guru a! love the last part.. not to do anything crazy or babies in Nov! lol!

  8. Hmmmm the problem is I want to go crazy so I can have a baby before the end of the year!!! Hehe... Dragon baby it is! Nice post! ;)

  9. Yes...don't do crazy stuff or else...

    To write something so beautiful about love, one must be in love himself//herself. From the looks of it, Carlo is writing his heart out in here.

    I am looking forward to read more of him.

  10. Haha!! "Don't do anything crazy or you will have babies on November." This line made me laugh... XD

    A good-looking man with a good head on his shoulder. Great guest post. Clap, clap! :)

  11. everyone has their own definition of LOVE based on their experiences. However, we have only one ultimate common ground on LOVE. It's God.

  12. Isa lang masasabi ko sis, love is as complicated as you make it to be. :)

  13. Hapi hearts month;) lets spread the love bug, nice love post hah

  14. yeah! i found my husband who's with me forever!! will look after and keep him forever! nice postxx

  15. that was a good read, esp the last part at least Dragon baby ;)

    advance happy vday to everyone! love like u've never hurt before...

  16. Very well said. That was too long for 2 questions. But it's worth reading have a good one!

  17. Love is an unending quest .We don't stop loving even if we found one already .Love should grow as the pass by.It should be true to its promise ,faithful and exciting.If love failed.pick up your pieces and start all over again.

  18. I agree. For love you should be willing to get hurt. But for me, that is only if that person whom I love is not totally stepping all my powers.

  19. The Christians, I am one, has a word for unconditional love. It's "agape", pronounced as 'ah-gah-pey' and I hope that all of us give this kind of love to our fellowmen.

  20. In fairness ang guwapo ni Carlo para mainterview mo sya ng ganyan

  21. love month na talaga. looks like your cuz does have a lot of love kept. nice writing... Yahweh bless.

  22. hahaha or you will have babies by November.
    And I am a November baby!


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