10 Tips on How to Treat your Guest at Any Events

Bloggers' Events are one of the newest ways for networking new contacts. But not all parties or event attendees felt comfortable as they enter the room. So it is the host responsibility to do the moves, not to create a bad vibes to your well-prepared event.

Here's my tip to any aspiring host of any events, formal or informal gatherings

1). When you send an invitation for your guest, in any form - email or traditional, it means your are taking responsibility to make your invited guest not to feel the awkward thing.

2). Upon guests arrival, greet them pleasantly. In some high-fashion / formal events, it is a customary that you have / or your assistant to know the guest's names and appearance to avoid mixed ups.
Do not make WAIT your guest
3). On the registration area, in most formal events, guest give their business card. The assigned personnel in the registration area, should accept the card pleasantly. DO NOT RETURN THE CARD to your guest. Allowing this means, the guest is not welcome to the event.

4). Do not surprise your guest with your selling merchandise. Guests still have no idea what's gonna happen to the said event. Allowing this, gives negative impression. Offer them your merchandise after the event
maybe later?
5). Host should formally introduce him/herself to the guest. Another proper way is to exchange business cards.

6). Host and his/her staff should not expect the guest knows someone inside the hall. Acknowledge the guest's presence and introduce him/her to everyone. This should help them feel comfortable.

7). Assist your guest to his choice/assigned seat. Ask and serve your guest something. A refreshment is good one. DO NOT MAKE YOUR GUEST WAIT, AND ASK.
it's almost 8:30pm and still doing setup??? what happen to 7:00pm announced schedule??

8). Event's progress must keep and follow the original announced schedule. If the delay occurs by all means, the host must explain to the guest. DO NOT MAKE YOUR GUEST THINK NEGATIVELY.

9). If the host has his special guest, do introduce it immediately to your other guests.

10). And finally, always keep in mind that your guests' time is important so, do not make/invite disappointments. Avoiding this disaster will make your event flows smoothly, and your guest will go home gladly, and have him something good to share to his colleagues.

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  1. What happened to this event? Was it that bad?

  2. hhmm all I can say, it's not for me.. I just don't wanna wait hanging-in-the-air and don't know what's gonna happen. My very 1st mauvaise event I have attended in my blogger's years..


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