Summer at Amihan Villa Puerto Galera

we don't mind the crazy heat of the Philippine summer as we get-off-out-feet to the island of Puerto Galera, Mindoro last June 8. My friends got very excited upon checking to Amihan Villa, a 5-bedroom villa located at Aninuan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. It is an estate situated on a hilltop surrounded by nature full of coconut trees and chirping birds. It is really heaven out there - fresh air and peaceful surroundings.

 a swimming pool with jacuzzi? who will ever resist this luckiness!

we rented the whole villa, and three girls shared this chic room.Its so tidy and smells with fresh aroma of flowers.. we girls instantly fell-n-love.

 oohh lala for the tub! My very guilty pleasure

 it's so clean! I love their bathroom, it is well-organized and super-love this cabinet inside with safety box, wherein you can secure your valuable things.

 well since we are sharing this room, we asked for additional bed, super lucky coz additional bed is free!

it's nice to wake-up in the morning, saying HELLO with this beautiful nature, and non-stop chirping of birds.

 sorry guys, we are kinda soo tried travelling from Makati going here, so we curled up with this very cozy and soft bed, plus full-blast air-condition. 

 my favorite morning coffee-chill photo with friends con co-workers. 

 coffee + iPhone + Art Magazine = CHIC!

 waiting for our lovely breakfast, preparing by the awesome chef of Amihan!

 I can't wait to soak myself at the pool! But first, photo muna, hahaha. Wearing Sassa Swimwear and random brand beach-straw hat.

 attempting to do jump-shot, hahaha!

 .. and this is what rich-kids do.. soaking yourself under Mr. Sun, listening to cool music and smoke.

 Amihan management is soo genius in placing this native hut and hammock.. really a heaven's place

 i love this photo, thanks to Nikki for capturing this.

 boys, we are not here to sleep, we're here to have FUN.. get off the couch! very nice furniture here

 cozy table setting, and great wifi access

.. plus great cable network! Me, chill n our room watching NHK World, superb!

 .. i like capturing photos of wine selections, very vintage

 hungry? why not sip our coffee and jump to the pool? While waiting our breakfast to be served

okay, good idea. Coffee muna tayo! 
only one thing I've concluded this time - I will definitely going back to Amihan Villa..

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  1. You look lovely in all of your outfits in this post. You smile sweetly and have lovely hair.

    1. thanks John! I love my hair, and thanks for good shampooing :)I haven't cut it for almost a year now

  2. OMG!!!! the place looks fab!!!! :D super ganda mag relax jan ah. hehehehe :D by the way, love your bikini. hihihihihi :D

    1. thanks Rhea! yeah its very relaxing and very affordable too :) the best of Puerto Galera

  3. i want a gateaway like this too haha :D

    1. well you must Hazel! Puerto Galera is a perfect getaway.. also will not hurt your pocket

  4. I love everything especially your Swimsuits! ♥ So clean and fresh place for vacation! :)

    1. Thanks Patricia for your compliments and for visiting!

  5. nice...what a getaway!!!! sad i wasn't invited...emhai

  6. Hi. How many villas do they have? Looks awesome.

    1. They only have one villa and rooms can be rented by different guests. :)


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