DIY Tutorial: Clothing Cover

the rains rushing so hard tonight, but I'm still awake. Thanks to this cold night, it helps me to awaken my sewing skills, haha.. I love sewing (thank for my loving Mom for teaching me) and creating something using my bare hands. Anyway I'm going to teach you tonight how to create your very own clothing cover. This is perfect for your hanging coats, or your fabulous party dresses to eliminate dust.

commercially made clothing cover

 Here's the things you've needed: fabric of any size, color and material, but be sure your clothes will fit in. I prefer to use some lightweight fabric so I can easily wash it and get dried. Get a good pair of scissors, your sewing kit (thread and needle) and also a good zipper. All of these can be bought to your nearest fabric store. Mine I bought these at Market Market.

in making this clothing cover is like making a paper bag, but instead of glue, we use needle and thread. We should sewing the bought end of the fabric, to form a "bag". But we should not forget to provide an opening, for the zipper, and another on the top part, so that we can place hangers inside.  

the above photo shows how to connect/sew the zipper. Notice that I used hand sewing! Yeah coz I still don't have my portable machine, haha.. you can use any kind of stitches that you like, as long as it will secure both the fabric and the zipper.

 this should be the outcome after sewing the zipper and the fabric. Do this continuously until you connect both ends.

now after connecting both ends, make some stitches to secure the upper or top part of your clothing cover. Notice that there is an opening here. You will insert your hanger in this opening later.

.. and when you're done, here's the finished product!
if you want to make it more fun and exciting, you can use fabrics with colorful designs, your favorites characters, etc. depending on your mood. These clothing cover can also be a lovely gift to your friend or in my case, a sweet gift for my mother :D

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