You Can Now Make Commission From Your Poses

*excerpt from IFB by Chelsea Burcz

Last week, Pose, the mobile app that let’s you post your personal style, announced that they will also be launching an iPad version of the app. But what’s even more, it also announced that it has added an e-commerce capability where users will be able to buy merchandise directly off of user photos, giving the uploader an opportunity to make a commission off their style, and the viewer a chance to shop a look without doing all the research.

While Pose takes a cut of each commission made, it gives fashion bloggers another option to make a buck off of their uploaded photos by depositing money directly into the user’s PayPal account, along with providing analytics on purchasing activity to help the uploader predict pieces that will be more likely to sell. Furthermore, the app makes it easy to post a Pose to Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, Pinterest as well as via email, making your looks shareable to your readers.

“We decided we wanted our bloggers to make a majority of the commission that we collect on each purchase because we think it’s really important that we let them really own their content and those links,” CEO Dustin Rosen told TechCrunch in a recent interview. “We just want to further incentivize them to share the best content. They’ve been asking for this [e-commerce] feature, and we really wanted to do it right.”

Pose includes celebrity users such as Rachel Zoe, Coco Rocha, Lucy Sykes, and Chris Benz; brands, such as Levis and Bergdorfs; as well as bloggers such as Atlantic-Pacific, Because I’m Addicted, Style Scrapbook, and Mr. Kate.

Pose is available as a free app for iPhone, Android, iPad and on the web at

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  1. cool!! that's a good news though I wish they could also have an online community for that, not just an app.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me


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