Girls and Boys Self Help Books about Dating, Lasting Relationships, Cheating, and Shacking UP

Have you ever experienced visiting your favorite bookstore and just mock some books titles that you've found FUNNY? Yeah I did, and it was one of my favorite past time, or  should I say my silly hobby. One of my favorite titles to mock is about these self-help relationship books. Millions of women (yeah and mean too!) are buying these each year, and yet they still fucked up! Well, I'm not saying I'm an expert but, in a relationship, good or bad - your should learn every lessons experience. I don't believe on relying to books for relationship advises, or fixed up.. Go on and have an adventure, don't be afraid - and learn on every steps you've made. 

This title is silly... Everyone (yeah not one Men) can cheat, okay? And it is the natures anatomy that someone attracts to the things that somebody owned. You don't need this book in order to get back your man from his bitch. If he likes a bitch - then be ONE! 

Do you believe that two people, a man and a woman are destined to be together? Yeah that is, if you go out there and find your match. Don't just sit there and wait... You will be end up - waiting forever.

My very funny friend, can't help but laugh (sometimes in hyena way) about this KEEP CALM Parody book... Very nice she didn't have this tummy aches. :)

.... then look HARDER!!!

.... not only 12 sissy... Try harder, and you'll catch the perfect one :)

ssshhhh... no matter how hard I wanna laugh and mock this title... Ms Lady Vintage is so beautiful I have full respect to her.

Hmmm I'm not buying it.. {{{hyena laugh}}}

... well this book title kinda cute and has a POINT!

LOL another no no for me... I won't buy it..

These two books only needs a quick answer - men and women should know to respect each others privacy, interest and all of the reasons we have. 

Books are available at Fully Booked located at The Fort, Taguig City.

If you LIKE and HATE these books, feel free to share your thoughts here :)

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