Les Deux Garcons Gone Wild: Bad Social Media Marketing, Flaring up Customers, and the Netizens

Les Deux Garcons offers wide selection of macaroons in Malaysia

Good customer service - either in actual or virtually should be done efficiently and effective. But in the case of the famous macaroon store in Malaysia Les Deux Garcons, is way unforgivable and insulting. Calling your customers "bitches" and insulting Parisienne is way faux pas in promoting your brand. Well if you are in the entertainment industry maybe BAD PUBLICITY still works. {{{ hyena laugh }}}
*photo captures from Les Deaux Garcons Facebook

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  1. You forgot to include the 2nd response by the arrogant LDG:-


  2. I really can't comprehend why a business such as this one would communicate with their valuable customers in such a manner. "Bad publicity is still good publicity" - I guess this is the motto of this store. If this is the case, then mission accomplished! With the scandal they’re in, I think everyone all over the world already knows who they are and what they do because of this. Some will be appalled of what they did and won't try out their products anymore. But those who are curious, they will try it out for themselves and let themselves be the judge. So, if this is what they're going for, then job well done!

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