20 Life Lessons We’ve Learned from Twitter Elan, Nunca Valderama

Maybe some of you known this Manila’s élan socialite twitter, Nunca Valderma. We’ve been following her since 2013, and we enjoyed her very sarcastic, witty, and elan tweets about our social and current events, politics, celebrity gossips, and anything.

Most of her followers, (almost 4k followers) called her Mother Nunca, sharing her daily insights about her mundane life in the elite society of Manila, and occasional luxury travels. 

We don’t know honestly who is exactly behind that twitter account, but no doubt she’s an elite influencer, being followed by most of the Manila’s socialites. Unfortunately, she stopped sending witty tweets since 2014, but her account is still active. Hence, we can’t help but stalked her tweets again and share you her delightful life lessons.
1. On having a good taste (not necessary on food).

2. On taking chances…

3. On having being patient, all the time.

4. On having the BEST REVENGE.

5. On not being too clingy, and chasing that is not meant for you.

6. On building your own legacy.

7. On meeting your ONLY CHANCE.

8. On being glamorous even during death.

9. On making the right decisions.

10.  On knowing who’s the fake and purest people.

11.  On rules of personal style.

12.  On TEACHING us NEVER to lose HOPE.

13.  On choosing who to trust.

 14.  On taking the best of your life.

 15.   On teaching us how to make the right JUDGMENT.

16.  On having class regardless of status.


18.  On having choosing your personal style, not based on how expensive your LV are.

19.  On how to spend your me-time in élan way.

20.  On choosing the best tea salon.



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