Photowalk: Scotts Square Mall in Singapore

They said that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. But for me, its still one of the beautiful city, that is full of excitement, rich cultures, good food and contradictions. Anyway, whatever they say, I can't get tired exploring the city, especially those skyscraper buildings which includes commercial buildings and shopping malls.  I've decided to have a quick stroll to Scotts Square Mall, just a few steps from my place in Grant Hyatt Hotel. 

The mall per se houses the most European luxury brands that you can imagine. What I do like most here - I could shop peacefully, unlike the malls in Manila. It's not all about the extravagant pieces that makes Singapore the most expensive city - it's all about the experience that you will get, that you'll kept more than just a selfie shot.

*Originally posted last April 2014



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