China Travel: Experience Eating at Prison-Themed Restaurant

Prison-Themed Restaurant in Jilin Province, China

In this restaurant, there are no cozy, ambient or comfortable seats. Before ordering food, each diner has to walk into a barred room, like an iron cage. All tables and facilities are behind bars.
This is the first restaurant run with a prison theme in northeast China's Jilin Province. Here, diners have to enjoy their meal in the prison-like space.
Upon completion or ordering, an iron gate has to be closed and locked by a ring latch, and all dishes are handed to the "prisoners" through an ad-hoc slot.
Likewise, waiters and waitresses are dressed up like prison supervisors. To the eaters' surprise, this restaurant also provides a specialty, called "prison combo meal." The combo meal consists of steam corn bread which is considered to be a common food in Chinese prisons.
This kind of decoration is to attract much more eaters and warn people out of crimes -- the restaurant manager said.



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